Preparation pays off in life


reparedness, by definition, means “a state of readiness.” In reality, it means “life is much simpler.”

For example, traveling takes a lot of preparation. Before you even leave your house, you must pack your life into a suitcase. That’s why whenever you pack in a rush, you will always find, once you reach your final destination, that you have forgotten to pack underwear for the trip.

Preparation requires paying attention to the smallest details. One can prepare for even simple tasks like using a bathroom. Everyone always looks into the stall to see which level of disgusting they are going to have to brave upon entering, but what happens when you finish your business and there’s no toilet paper? You can only hope the person next door is forgiving and will pass you some over. Oftentimes, you are stuck hovering over a toilet unsure of how to solve your dilemma. How could this have been avoided? Obviously, by not rushing and checking to see if there was paper in your selected stall.

Humorous as it may seem, you don’t want to be stuck sitting on the pot. It’s never funny when it is you.

With the semester coming to an end (sorry to remind you), there are many ways in which procrastination and unpreparedness slap us hard across the face. Of course, there are small ways that could keep us on our toes. If you haven’t already, you should probably make a list of any final projects and assignments coming up; if you know what is going on before it comes up to the very last minute, you won’t be stuck pulling an all-nighter because you simply forgot or thought you had enough time. Also, prepare a schedule for your exams. It sounds ridiculous, but some people still don’t know that finals start May 4 which, by the way, is rapidly approaching.

Other preparations, such as next year’s living situation, internships and job applications, should be filled out in the next two weeks and sent off to their appropriate destinations.

I hope this list of things wasn’t too laborious and hopefully it reminded you of the fast-approaching end. It will never be stress-free, but the stress can be reduced with a few simple actions. Just remember, don’t get caught on the pot with no toilet paper.

Jenny Hamilton is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism and sport administration. She may be contacted at