Letter to the Editor: Making a stand of my own

Please permit me a small amount of space in your paper to make a stand of my own.

I’m astounded by the decision of your publication to allow space even on its Web site to the statements of activists standing against UM on the issue of the Life Science & Technology Park. It seems to me that this only helps to further legitimize the voice of this group that frankly seems to have little real interest in anything other than garnering the attention of the media. “You cannot shake hands with clenched fists” and if a group representing the interests of the Overtown community truly wanted to invoke change, they would be sitting down to work with UM, not standing to fight it.

I am aware that my letter may welcome a large number of comments from these “activists” on your Web site, but this shall only further prove my point. I hope I am not the only one that sees guerrilla tactics and marketing as what they are.

I Stand With UM.

Ryan Aquilina is a junior majoring in political science and motion pictures.