Dear V: How do I get my groove back?

Dear V,

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the game. When I’m interested in someone, I find myself completely clueless. Whenever my friends ask, I seem to make up an excuse in their eyes as to why I don’t want to make a move. It has been very easy and comfortable to let myself settle right into the friend zone. The girl I am currently interested in is amazing though and I just know for a fact that I can’t let this girl get away. What should I do?


Groove-less guy

Dear Groove-less,

All I can really tell you is stop talking to me and go get your woman!!

You appear to have had bad luck in the realm of love before so I am 100 percent positive you will soon have good fortune once again. I know it can be hard to want to put yourself out there, especially when it has been an extended period of time since you have last done so. However, the longer you wait the more terrifying it is going to be to get your groove back and land yourself a lady. So do not waste anymore time my friend!

You said it yourself that you “know for a fact” that you cannot let this girl get away, so obviously she is worth the risk to lay it all out. Life is too short to not take chances and go for what you really want. Of course this is coming from a person who probably does more risky things than she maybe should. But seriously, you only have this one wonderful life, so fill it with people who are going to fulfill you.

I know this is probably going to sound very cliché, but if the idea of asking dream girl out on a one-on-one is a little too daunting how about a group date?  It takes a lot of pressure off the situation and can be more fun than one-on-one stuff anyways. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then nonchalantly ask her what she is up to this weekend and see if you guys can get together to do something casual.

Who says a little hanging out with a friend can’t turn into a little friendly hanging out? (Wink, wink) Not to sound like a loose lady, but when two friends hang out alone, who are attracted to each other, things can get real interesting, real quick.

Through all of this what I want you to take away from this is to be comfortable and confident in pursuing the girl of your dreams. Things must be headed in the right direction if you are so bent on not letting her become the one that got away. Get brave, and just do it. First step in getting your groove back, bro.

Much love and luck.

With love,