Event to teach about saving money at the pump

Courtesy Ecogyzer

Drivers everywhere are trying to save money at the pump and the solution could be within reach.

Green U, a University of Miami environmental awareness organization, and the Go Green Auto Rally (GGAR), partnered for an event to teach practical ways to conserve fuel.

The event starts at 9:30 a.m. Thursday and lasts until Saturday at Miami City Hall in Coconut Grove.

As gas prices continue to increase, this new program seeks to reduce the amount of money spent at the pump by up to 25 percent.

“If the 1.6 million drivers in Florida followed the Go Green Auto driving technique it is projected that $1 billion a year in gas will be saved,” Joe Severns, communication director of GGAR., said.

Event participants can walk away with certificates that will show that they have learned to drive greener after using the EcoGyzer phone application to learn about their driving skills.

“There are three principles in mind: safety, sustainability and savings,” Severns said.

Ian McKweon, sustainability coordinator at UM, supports the event and its message.

“The involvement of our community does makes a large difference overall to the health of our planet,” McKweon said.

Students, famous racecar drivers and professional driving instructors got behind the wheel to learn how to drive greener.

“Green drivers aren’t slow drivers,” said Jean Paul Libert, CEO of GGAR. “It’s just a technical alternative that people are looking for to cut cost.”

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EcoGyzer app

The EcoGyzer One Trip phone application calculates how “green” drivers are by computing several factors related to driving skill and then provides suggestions to improve “green” driving skills.

Summary will indicate

Evaluation of your driving style/attitude



Total CO2 emissions