SG seeks dining survey participation

The U wants your feedback and it’s offering a chance to win an iPad if you’re willing to help.

Student feedback surveys concerning the overall quality of the campus meal options have recently been launched. In the surveys, participants are asked to rate both the residential dining halls and the food court in terms of overall “service, food variety, efficiency, ambiance, meal plan [financial] value, staff” and even “cleanliness.”

Student Government is hoping that the input leads to significant change.

“This can really change the ways of the food court,” SG president Christina Farmer said.

Auxiliary Services, which oversees the food operations, has launched a task force set on providing students with the best meal experience.

“We encourage open communication,” said Sandra Redway, executive director of auxiliary services.

The task force is primarily made up of key representatives from Chartwell’s and the student-comprised Dining Services Advisory Board.

“We expect it to have very positive results; [we aim to] listen to the voice of the customers,” Redway said.

In addition to the surveys, an online version of the nutritional information manuals found in the dining halls is now available; the same is set to be accessible soon afterward for meals available at the food court.

Farmer stressed that the goal of these surveys is to bring a multitude of convenient options to the students.

“We want to make sure the students have the best options,” she said.

Chartwell’s has already released one survey to students who have meal plans. The second survey, which will address the concerns of the food court, is set to be released this week.

“We have received 800 survey [feedbacks] already; it’s been great,” said Romy Portuondo, SG chief of staff.

iPad raffle tickets are being offered to the first 250 students who fill out the food court survey; the next 250 students have a chance to win an iPod.

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