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Student Government (SG) presidential candidate Josh Llano was arrested Friday for driving under the influence and possession of fake identification.

Janell Hall, a spokesperson for the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Center, confirmed the arrest and the charges, which included resisting City of Miami officers without violence. Llano’s arrest will not immediately affect his ability to be considered for SG candidacy.

Llano, who was released on bail Saturday, declined to provide details about the situation, stating that it does not reflect on his character.

“What happened on Friday doesn’t affect the type of person I am at all. I am not in any way shape or form the type of person the case makes me out to be,” Llano said.

While Llano’s case is still pending, his ticket, “U Know What It Is,” will still remain on the ballot during SG elections Monday through Wednesday.

In order for Llano to be eliminated from the election, the Dean of Students Office must charge him with a violation of the Students’ Rights and Responsibility code, which means he would no longer be in good standing with the university. The SG Elections Commission would then be able to charge Llano with a violation of the good standing status required for candidacy.

“It’s very hard to be removed from the ballot,” said Aaron Esman, SG speaker of the Senate. “There are things you can do to not get on the ballot initially, but the ballot is different.”

As of now, Llano has not received any charges from the Dean of Students or the Elections Commission. With elections currently underway, there is no time for any charge to affect the ballot. Yet, Llano may be charged by the Dean of Students before election results are finalized by the SG Senate next week.

“The situation has been brought to my attention,” said SG press secretary Ryan Aquilina. “At this time, SG is not able to do anything, the university has to make that call.”

This is not the first time Llano has been arrested. In February 2010, Llano was charged with petty theft and in March 2010 Llano was charged in Monroe County for possession of a fake ID.

Junior Josh Llano speaks during the presidential candidate debate Thursday, Feb. 18, in the UC ballrooms. Cayla Nimmo // The Miami Hurricane

Llano’s criminal record is not the only factor that has brought his integrity as a candidate into question. At Thurday’s presidential debate, Llano was about half an hour late. On Sunday, The Miami Hurricane invited “U Know What It Is” and the other tickets to present their platforms for candidate endorsement, and no members of Llano’s ticket showed up.

An executive board member of Pi Kappa Alpha said that Llano was never elected, or even ran, as the fraternity’s president, an experience Llano claimed as a qualification for his SG presidency. Llano is not currently an active member of Pi Kappa Alpha.

Despite the evidence against him, Llano hopes UM students can see past his mistakes and give him consideration for the presidency.

“It’s the worst possible timing,” Llano said. “It’s an embarrassment. No one should have been in the position I was in. It’s an obstacle I have to overcome.”

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February 22, 2011


Alexandra Leon

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29 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “SG presidential candidate arrested”

  1. UM GRAD says:

    Anonymous clearly has issues..
    Do you not have anything better to do with your time? Why not use all that pent up negativity on something productive and positive instead of wasting your time bashing and criticizing?
    What’s up with that smart a** remark about where he and Brian C attended high school.. REALLY?? Were you bullied at school? Seems like you have some unresolved issues from your past you need to get in order.
    As I read your remarks it’s pretty clear you should seek psychiatric help… and get heavily medicated.. Oh wait.. maybe you are are on something and that’s why you spew so much crap.
    Get help and get a life….

  2. josh4prez says:

    I like a leader who is prepared to do anything, including anonymously defend his own name and honor by trashing a journalists work and good name in a comment thread!

    He lied, these actions DO reflect his character. His character being a REAL MAN. I also blow off meetings too Josh. Don’t worry about these haters!


  3. Anon says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this article. The story is pertinent to the student body, it is NEWS in a NEWSPAPER.

    Everything in the piece is fact, and nothing even approaches slander. If he didn’t want to be on the front page of the Hurricane he shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. He could have killed people, and he’s lucky the good people at the Hurricane were compassionate enough to not slam his mugshot on the cover.

  4. Props to the Hurricane for having the balls to publish this. As for all those saying that this is slander or showing bias, it isn’t. It merely presents facts about the arrests.

    As for your defense of him and his actions by trying to remove legitimacy from a legitimate story? That shows your ridiculous bias in defending your friend. My bias is that I didn’t like the kid, I don’t like the kid, and I have half an ounce of intelligence leading me to understand that you’re idiots for not seeing that he could have been presented in a much more negative light. He had his chance (dare I say chances after three arrests?) and now he needs to have reality sink in for once in his life.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Brian C., clearly you are as dumb as your friend. “If this were anyone else there wouldn’t be an article in the paper bashing him, so he’s obviously doing something right for people to take he time to make an article out of it.” The answer to that one would be that he is running for SG President. So of course he is going to have a little more scrutiny on him. Man am I glad I didn’t go to the high school both of you went to, it sounds like it was a ticket to a complete lack of an education/brain.

  6. TheMiamiHurricaneIsBS says:

    Firstly, this story is not slanderous….it’s libelious. If you were to look at Llano’s record in the Clerk of Courts website you will see that there is no official DUI charge in fact there are no official charges until his arraignment hearing. Up till now Llano has just been accused/arrested. Yeah he has a tainted past but that is not to say that someone cannot strive for more and try to change. There might as well not be elections at UM because basically the presidency is handed down from ticket to ticket. The whole current executive boards endorsement of one ticket is proof of that. Llano is as much of a student as anyone and has the right to aspire for better. People make mistakes. Llano is no exeption. The Miami Hurricane has not only killed his aspirations but has ruined his reputation as a student in general bringing to question his academic integrity to any teacher or administrator who reads this article. That is not journalism, that is BS.

  7. Brian C says:

    I went to high school with Josh, and he’s a good guy. If this were anyone else there wouldn’t be an article in the paper bashing him, so he’s obviously doing something right for people to take he time to make an article out of it. Unfortunately good people make bad decisions sometimes. If i were a student at UM, he’d have my vote.

  8. Derrick says:

    The weakest argument I have heard: “well everyone has been caught with a fake ID”. This is not suppose to be the average Joe that goes to the grove/clubbing every night. This is suppose to be a model student and someone who realizes that his aspirations for student government means people are looking to him to be the school’s leader (or at least that is the office he seeks). Also, the Hurricane has done nothing wrong with publishing this article because those who seek public office (whether it be school, city, state, national, etc.) must understand that all aspects of their life becomes public. The actions they take in everyday life are reflective of their character and integrity, which this man highly lacks. The students are entitled to this information when making a decision on who to vote for this coming election. Kudos to the Hurricane. This man is a repeating offender and has a blatant disregard for law, society, and his fellow students. DUI is a horrible offense and has the potential to ruin lives and hurt others. For Mr. Llano to say that this “doesn’t affect the type of person [he is] at all” is the most disturbing falsity I have ever heard. For this man not to concede from seeking the presidency is not only outrageous, it is also disgusting!

  9. I'm calling it... says:

    “I’m gonna be the president of my fraternity, not have 3 arrests in one year, and get elected to be student body president… I’m calling it.”

    Nice work, Josh.

  10. KARMAAAA says:

    hey Josh, errrr anonymous…you seem to be ignoring the DUI part. KARMAAAA ps you look like a movie star in your mug shot. hahaaaa

  11. anonymous says:

    Would you want someone to put you on the cover of the Hurricane like that? Half the school has been charged for fake ids.

  12. anonymous says:

    whoever wrote this article and the person who allowed this to be on the front cover of the paper is EVIL. KARMAAAAAAA

  13. heh says:

    I’ve got to know Llano on a personal level since freshman year and he’s a good friend but what he did definitely doesn’t define his character just his stupidity. If you go around campus you can definitely find a fair majority of kids with fake id’s but none of them are considering a leadership position. As a leader, you should clean up your image or else sh*t like this happens to you when you get caught. Lesson learned, we should all move on. To be quite honest, if you look at his ticket I would say that no one is qualified other than the treasurer. The VP lacks leadership and the skills to run for anything as well. Tough luck. Hopefully things turn out for the better for the kid, no doubt the publicity hasn’t faired well with the professors as well.

  14. Do u know what it is? says:

    Look up slander, this guy admitted to his charges.

  15. Whoever said that Llano is a good kid is right… He is a great kid.

    For the first five minutes that you know him.

  16. Oh, and by the way, did anyone mention that he’s UNDER 21? No? I rest my case.

  17. i recently graduated from the U and i must say, not only was the Hurricane a great source of news and campus life, the student government was an impeccable representation of the student body. but wow, i never would have thought they’d try electing a drunk-driving, thieving, lying, scandalous, dumbass like this guy.

    plus, whats with the mysteriously disappearing newspapers on campus today? furthermore, why would they all be in the trashcans and dumpsters around campus? with a track-record like his, i wonder….

    to the blindly faithful anonymous people: if you want a lying, stealing, drunkard for a president why dont you and this guy start your own university that you can represent with your own falsifying and drunken stupidity, because clearly you guys are not a good representation of what it means to be miami hurricanes.

  18. I hope the students do the right thing by NOT electing this young man to the Student Government. He is not ready to serve…he needs to get his own life in order.

  19. HAHAHAHA says:

    UUUUU Know what it is…… wow. I’ve met the kid before, he’s a nice guy, but shouldn’t have ever really considered running. He doesn’t have that many actual positions he’s held on campus and really doesn’t stack up to the other guys running.

  20. … this student running for President is the issue. He has 3 arrests on his record, one for petty theft! You mean to tell me you would trust this guy to guide the student body?

    … what blows my mind here is that he has the audacity to say that, “What happened on Friday doesn’t affect the type of person I am at all. I am not in any way shape or form the type of person the case makes me out to be…”

    Are you kidding me? It’s not the “case” that matters, but what he did, and the fact that he’s lied 3 times and gotten arrested for each.

  21. Josh is a strong and kindhearted person who genuinely cares about others and puts other people before himself, causing him to have taken the blame for the actions of others and gain a reputation that doesn’t indicate the kind of person he is. The fact that you Miami Hurricane writers will do anything for a story, including a direct personal attack, aiming to defame Josh’s character and turn others against him, is far more repulsive and embarassing than anything alleged against Josh in this article. You are the ones who lack good character and you just admitted that to everyone through the publication of this article.

  22. Canes2010 says:


    This story is incredibly pertinent to the students of this university right now, so props to the Hurricane for covering it. I definitely don’t agree with or like all of the stories they publish, but this one is necessary and like The Smarter Anonymous said, they took the time to seek comment from Josh Llano and this is by no means a personal attack. It is an informative story that the students of UM definitely need to see before going to the polls.

    And either way, Mr. Llano drove drunk, which is completely unacceptable for anyone and he’s lucky this article is as kind as it is.

  23. To the idiot above…really? It’s journalism! In fact, its not even biased because if it WAS a direct attack, Llanos’ defense wouldn’t even be included! It would just be the facts and thats it! They interviewed Llanos, who (stupidly, by not just declining to comment, but w/e) decided to give an explanation and defend himself. This article is nowhere near a personal attack. It’s the news. It’s the facts! It’s his fault that the timeliness is so on point…you’re running for student president and get arrested? Get outta here! Take the heat or get out of Miami!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I think that the Miami Hurricane is out of line by writing this story. The person that wrote and published this article in both the papers and online should be ashamed of themselves. A student paper should never make a direct attack on an individual especially one that is currently enrolled. This type of slander is the reason no one takes the Hurricane seriously. I hope the school looks into this matter and considers restaffing the student newspaper with more upstanding members of society.

  25. CaneFan says:

    You’re right he HAD a right to learn before he went out and acted like an idiot. There is a difference between having a fake ID and acting like this guy. Sure have a fake ID get caught once and learn your lesson. This idiot is a repeat offender. He didn’t even show up to the debate or his interviews with the paper. I mean what a complete and total drain on society. He is running for student body president and his actions are a reflection on the university. Therefore, he has tarnished the name of the university and should suffer the consequences.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Withdraw from the University? You are an idiot. He has a right to learn just as much as anyone else. Everyone at this University owns or has owned a fake id before unless you have no life, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t want some nerd who has no life and doesn’t understand the majority of the student body representing the U.

  27. CaneFan says:

    This guy is the biggest idiot around. How can you possibly let yourself remain on the ballot when you are such a disaster. He should do the honorable thing and remove himself from the ballot and withdraw from the University. We don’t want people like this representing the U.

  28. Jeff S says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Three arrests in two years?

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