SG should take us forward

Following interviews and debates, The Miami Hurricane unanimously arrived at the conclusion that “Taking U Forward” is the best ticket to redefine the undergraduate experience and make life more fulfilling for UM students.

“Taking U Forward” is a powerhouse ticket, with all the qualifications, connections and experience necessary. “Taking U Forward” wants to not only capitalize on the momentum of this year’s SG, but also is determined to focus on the future of our university.

“True to U’s” ticket has enough experience to get the job done, but what sets “Taking U Forward” apart is their support of the current executive board; “True to U” has verbalized their frustration with this year’s executive board’s term.

This year’s SG has had one of the most impactful terms in recent history, and the fact that “Taking U Forward” has made it known that it wants to build on this success gives them an edge.

The “Taking U Forward” team is comprised of candidates from a variety of leadership backgrounds and platforms with depth and foresight, which easily target students’ needs. Their platforms have the potential to make a bigger impact  on the campus as a whole in the long term. As compared to other teams’ less developed endeavors, “Taking U Forward” promises a well-rounded but targeted set of platforms.

For example, having centralized access to research opportunities benefits students by saving them the hassle of knocking on doors seeking resources. Also, their campus initiatives, like new dining options and “Spirit the U,” make “Taking U Forward” a fitting choice.

In addition, the team’s goal of creating a more transparent SG will tighten bonds with their constituents and ensure students’ voices will be heard. “Taking U Forward’s” platform of “SG Comes to U” will allow students to access information such as voting records on their Web site; the team also plans to directly contact residential colleges and organizations first-hand with an adminstrator in tow.

Note: The Miami Hurricane had difficultly contacting “U Know What It Is.” The candidates were not present for their scheduled interview.