SG should take us forward

Following interviews and debates, The Miami Hurricane unanimously arrived at the conclusion that “Taking U Forward” is the best ticket to redefine the undergraduate experience and make life more fulfilling for UM students.

“Taking U Forward” is a powerhouse ticket, with all the qualifications, connections and experience necessary. “Taking U Forward” wants to not only capitalize on the momentum of this year’s SG, but also is determined to focus on the future of our university.

“True to U’s” ticket has enough experience to get the job done, but what sets “Taking U Forward” apart is their support of the current executive board; “True to U” has verbalized their frustration with this year’s executive board’s term.

This year’s SG has had one of the most impactful terms in recent history, and the fact that “Taking U Forward” has made it known that it wants to build on this success gives them an edge.

The “Taking U Forward” team is comprised of candidates from a variety of leadership backgrounds and platforms with depth and foresight, which easily target students’ needs. Their platforms have the potential to make a bigger impact  on the campus as a whole in the long term. As compared to other teams’ less developed endeavors, “Taking U Forward” promises a well-rounded but targeted set of platforms.

For example, having centralized access to research opportunities benefits students by saving them the hassle of knocking on doors seeking resources. Also, their campus initiatives, like new dining options and “Spirit the U,” make “Taking U Forward” a fitting choice.

In addition, the team’s goal of creating a more transparent SG will tighten bonds with their constituents and ensure students’ voices will be heard. “Taking U Forward’s” platform of “SG Comes to U” will allow students to access information such as voting records on their Web site; the team also plans to directly contact residential colleges and organizations first-hand with an adminstrator in tow.

Note: The Miami Hurricane had difficultly contacting “U Know What It Is.” The candidates were not present for their scheduled interview.

February 21, 2011


The Miami Hurricane

Student newspaper at the University of Miami

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  1. Dear “really?”,

    You may be someone who “has followed the actions of Student Government” but you should probably check your facts. I voted for Taking U Forward because of their platforms and spirit. You say their platforms “are almost impossible”, I think not. They have all been approved by the appropriate administrator and not only are they VERY LIKELY to happen, but also VERY POSSIBLE, should they be elected. ALL of their platforms can happen if taken on by the right team and there is NO DOUBT in my mind, TAKING U FORWARD is the BEST TICKET for the positions.

    So I think you should “follow the actions of SG” more closely because you have no clue what you are talking about. I hope you have a wonderful day and remember VOTE TAKING U FORWARD. For the Future, For the Students, and For the U.


    Yes, Yes Really!

  2. yes, really says:

    “of course Taking U Forward would blindly support the current Executive Board, SOME OF THEM ARE ON IT!”

    if they’re on it…then its not blind support, now is it?

  3. really? says:

    Coming from someone who has followed the actions of student government, I can tell you that you need to do more research. A lot of “Taking U Forward”‘s platforms are not just unlikely to happen, but almost impossible. Not to mention that they are actually initiatives that have already been attempted and failed… and of course Taking U Forward would blindly support the current Executive Board, SOME OF THEM ARE ON IT!

    Could you imagine if they didn’t? As for what the other candidates said about communication between branches, yes, it’s abysmal. Executive has tried to control everything while communicating nothing with the other branches for my entire year following student government. It needs to change and those who can see that should be welcomed, not punished for sharing their visions.

  4. big fan says:

    YES Canes2010. Absolutely right. Both tickets are better than U Know what it is. I’m voting taking u forward just because I think they have better platforms but regardless of who wins they’ll do a great job. Let’s stop focusing on the negatives–just look at positives.

  5. Canes2010 says:

    Of course they have a right to respond to comments made about them. What bothers me is that the response appears to go against what they said in their interview with the Hurricane. I have no way to verify what you say or what the Hurricane said, but if what Alexa said accurately portrays what True to U stated, then I think that True to U’s response should go with that and explain why they said what they said as opposed to trying to convinve people they never said that.

    Either way, both of these tickets is a better choice than U Know What It Is. Good luck to everyone involved…I’m sure all 6 of them will be actively involved in improving the university next year no matter what the results are!

  6. Ibis2011 says:


    True to U has a right to respond to any comments made about them, especially any that misrepresent their character. I don’t believe they are ‘retracting’ any comments, but merely clarifying a statement that was made, which was presented in a way that grossly misrepresented who they are and what they stand for. In the context of this entire editorial, it is very clear that The Miami Hurricane actually believes True to U would not continue with UFirst’s initiatives. Not only is that not true, to even suggest that makes the members of the ticket look ignorant. That being said, they absolutely should respond and good for them for staying involved and caring enough to actually take the time to do so.

  7. Cane2010 says:


    Alexa clearly states that “both Michael Kaplan and Samantha Flanagan discussed how during their terms as senators they have been very unhappy with the way the current executive board functions”. This very clearly means that they have verbalized their frustration with the current executive board’s term. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if that’s what they said they should stand by it and defend it, not try to retract it now that it has been put on the table.

    And Uganda, the article does not state that True to U is the worst ticket. Based on this article and the one about Josh Llano being arrested, my guess is that they think U Know What It Is is the worst ticket.

  8. Uganda says:

    So because they disliked some of the executive board’s choices they are automatically the worse ticket?

    The moon mans got a point

  9. Ibis2011 says:


    So because Michael and Sam want to utilize all branches of Student Government and ensure every member has a role in the organization, you have concluded that they are frustrated with the current executive board? Sounds like they are more interested in improving internal communication. Why should I even bother voting for senators if they are not going to have any decision making power? Good for True to U for looking at the big picture.

  10. Mike says:

    @Moon Man

    Taking U Forward is planning to do just what their campaign says, Take YOU (and the U) forward by continuing this years success in SG and implementing many new ideas. In both the VP and Presidential debates, Ashley and Brandon of Taking U Forward were the ones who spoke about continuing the many successes of SG this year along with adding a lot of new ideas of their own. Having a new Exec board that come in every year and completely change everything provides no continuity for SG OR for the University. Continuity lets people know that SG Exec members do not have their own personal agendas but will take past successes forward to create a campus life full of tradition and spirit.

  11. Ibis 2011 and Canes2010,

    During The Miami Hurricane’s interview with the True to U ticket, both Michael Kaplan and Samantha Flanagan discussed how during their terms as senators they have been very unhappy with the way the current executive board functions; they explained how they did not like that many of Senate’s ideas have been rejected and that they don’t agree that exec should have all that power in the final say. Basically, they stated that the reason they want to be on the executive board is to change how those decisions are made. By disliking the executive board’s choices such as these, True to U “verbalized their frustration with this year’s executive board’s term.” The dictionary defines the word frustration as the feeling of being upset or annoyed because of inability to change or achieve something, which is the way Kaplan and Flanagan felt when the current exec would deny however many of their ideas. Whether they meant to discuss this year’s executive board in that light, that is the way they portrayed their negative feelings about past SG occurrences.

    Just wanted to clear the confusion.

    Regardless of who you vote for, make sure to vote!


  12. Canes2010 says:

    Ibis 2011,

    It does say that “True to U has verbalized their frustration with this year’s executive board’s term”, but I don’t know where that’s from and if it’s credible. Either way, everyone should do their research and get out and vote! Talking to each candidate is probably your best bet!

  13. Ibis2011 says:


    Everything that you wrote is absolutely true. However, what’s disapointing about this article is that True to U never bashed the current executive board. As someone who knows members of the True to U team, I know that Michael, Sam, and Yuval look up to everything UFirst has done and absolutely do not plan on scrapping any of their platforms, regardless of whether or not they’ve chosen to campaign on that fact. While I respect The Hurricane’s right to an opinion, its disapointing that it would present it using false supporting facts.

  14. Canes2010 says:

    Moon Man,

    Supporting the current executive board is a very positive thing because this executive board has been extremely successful. Nearly every year, tickets run for SG by bashing the current executive board and talking about how they can do so much better. It is exciting to see a ticket that supports the current executive board and is willing to build upon their successes as opposed to starting a whole bunch of new projects. Continuity in SG will be very positive as it will allow for things to actually get done well and be sustainable.

  15. “A ticket is the best because it supports the current SG administration? Why bother having an election then? The executive board might as well choose which ticket they like best.”

    I think you’re confusing two scenarios though. Its taking u forward saying they like what they did this year and want to make it better next year not necessarily saying that this year’s executive supports them.

  16. ‘But what sets “Taking U Forward” apart is their support of the current executive board’

    This is an ambiguous statement and to the vast majority of the students outside of SG, meaningless. If you mean that ticket is the logical choice because it supports the current executive board than I find your logic quite foolish frankly. A ticket is the best because it supports the current SG administration? Why bother having an election then? The executive board might as well choose which ticket they like best and that will be way the next executive is chosen.

    To be honest it seems like the newspaper likes this ticket for personal reasons and just giving some ambiguous reasons to sound otherwise. I just hope others see through this phoniness.

  17. Ryan says:

    Cannot wait to vote Taking U Forward and for Brandon, Ashley, & Jake!

  18. Greg says:

    The research thing is dumb

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