Letter to the Editor: Response to “SG should take us forward”

To the editor,

As the Vice Presidential candidate for the True to U ticket, I would like to take a moment to clarify True to U’s relationship with the current Student Government Executive Board, and specifically to respond to The Miami Hurricane’s statement that “‘True to U’ has verbalized their frustration with this year’s executive board’s term.”

Every member of True to U has nothing but the utmost respect for the current ‘UFirst’ executive board and the incredible things they have accomplished for the University of Miami. The Farmers Market, the improved ACE report, updated class searches, text book rentals, lunch with the president, even the ICEE machine in the CSTORE: these are all initiatives that have fundamentally  altered the University community for EVERY student in so many ways. To turn a blind eye to the great things that have been accomplished by Student Government this year would be ridiculous. It is clear that, long after its term is over, the legacy of UFirst will continue to live on at the University of Miami.

As senators, Michael and I have been able to work closely with the current executive board on several projects, which, without their help would not have been possible. These projects include advising for pre-professional tracks and beginning the process of placing a mascot statue on campus. I have been fortunate enough to get to know President Christina Farmer , my former RA, on a personal level, and I have always considered her both a role model and a mentor. Without her influence, I would never have been involved in Student Government, and I am saddened to think that she may be led to believe I have anything but admiration and respect for her character and all that she has been able to do for the entire University.

True to U has expressed that there can be lapses in communication between the executive and legislative branches; however, these ideas are not unique to our team, but rather, represent a common desire within SG to constantly improve every aspect of organization. Student Government is comprised of real students. As such, we are not perfect. Internal communication is not always perfect either, and that is something that True to U, if elected, would like to improve. However, we were disheartened to read that our position on such was misinterpreted to imply that we are unsatisfied with our relationship with the current executive board. Michael, Yuval, and I hold every member of UFirst in high esteem. If elected, it will be our first priority to ensure each one of their initiatives continues to exist beyond the life of their term.

On that note, I would like to personally apologize to Christina, Pietro, Nick, and the rest of the UFirst executive board for any miscommunication. We admire and support all that you have done for the University of Miami. Thank you for everything, and thank you for always putting “U First.”

Samantha Flanagan is the Vice Presidential candidate for the True to U ticket.