Valentine’s Day is a waste of a holiday


alentine’s Day: the most pointless day of the year. It is simply a ploy for couples to argue over whether to buy gifts and where to go for dinner, and for single people to mope over how miserable their single lives are.

I find no need for a day in the year for someone to tell me they love me. Why should you treat me differently on just one day when a surprise day would be far more thoughtful? The whole holiday is a scam.

It makes people stress unnecessarily, causes breakups and very rarely goes by smoothly. In fact, it can be a very deceptive day. V-Day should never be your first date with someone. There is too much pressure. It is not a good idea. Just don’t do it. It could trick you into thinking you actually care about each other when really you were both using each other so you wouldn’t be sitting at home miserable and lonely, watching stupid movies and groaning about your failing love life.

No one wants to hear it. The game is getting old. Valentine’s has just become an excuse for pining singles to complain and couples to be nauseatingly touchy in public. I would rather vomit than go sit in an overcrowded restaurant filled with annoying couples.

The biggest point I have not yet mentioned is that it is simply a consumer holiday. There is no meaning behind it other than for stores to scam you into buying some phony jewelry, chocolates that will likely be thrown out and adorable teddy bears that will become dog chew toys as soon as the couple breaks up.

So here’s my suggestion for Valentine’s Day: Treat it like any other day and if you are really that miserable being single, get off your can and do something about it. Have a nice dinner with friends if you just can’t stand to be alone and don’t want to wallow in your own self pity. And for the couples out there, stop being obnoxious. Don’t do the typical chocolates, teddy bears and jewelry. Don’t observe it and do something completely random another time. Stop expecting, start surprising.

Happy freaking Valentine’s Day.

Jenny Hamilton is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism and sports administration. She may be contacted at jhamilton@themiamihurricane.com.

February 13, 2011


Jenny Hamilton

Contributing Columnist

14 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Valentine’s Day is a waste of a holiday”

  1. George says:

    i think you right. i mean, i currently dont have a gf but when i did, i didnt treat valentines day any different. i didnt tell her i love her because i really didnt. i just liked her. i didnt over extend myself, rather stayed true to myself. im glad this article reflects what i think.

  2. Bruce says:

    I think any holiday that encourages couples to be intimate is a holiday worth having. Just saying

  3. Renee says:

    It’s a good day to celebrate, but do not over read it. My relationship is on the brinks. He never really did anything wild for this V-Day anyway. So I bought myself a dozen roses. Now I don’t have to mope. You see- I love my daughter & myself. It will be over tommorrow & I can’t say “no flowers again?” I took care of it.

  4. KT says:

    Sometimes is good to receive gift/s just once in a while, neh, so V day is an advantage

  5. john chuwa says:

    does it realy worthy it, just one day to share luv. what happens after? we go back to our old style.val should be celebrated every minute,hour and day.we should learn to appreciate each other at all times and all seasons.

  6. Zot. says:

    who was valentine? and what impact did he made for the world? before people spend more,and money just to love someone on that day.should love be a yearly thing?

  7. Prossy says:

    There is nothing wrong with this day, in life we need reminders and this is what makes life interesting and fun.if life was that flat we would love to die early. Happy Valentine to those who believe in this day.

  8. Sithole says:

    There is nothing wrong with Valentine. Jus’ that sm don’t recognize the day and if you are in a relationship with sme one who doesn’t then there is a problem.

  9. Toni says:

    If hi don`t show me his love all the year, only one day of the year i dosent have importen .long time i did`t read souch a honest opinion fro V.Day
    All my greatings to you Mr.Hamilton

  10. stephen says:

    i dont think there is something wrong having a special day to show love to someone dear to us…v day is worthy celebrating

  11. Ehp-ehp says:

    even though I’m lonely this year’s v-day… I should still be happy because of my family and friends out there loving me…

    -loveless ever!-

  12. tinagaran says:

    true.as a single person i felt very lonely ….valentines day always making me worried every year…

  13. Christie says:

    Get over it. There’s nothing wrong with dedicating a day to lovers. It gives couples a special reason to do something fun and romantic. You just sound bitter. The only time I was ever bitter about Valentine’s Day was when I didn’t have a valentine :P

  14. chelsie says:

    well honestly its a day to celebrate happiness, your only bashing on it because you dont have someone you truly love

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