Staff editorial: Don’t mistake opportunity for spam

Everyone wants to get a job. We come to college to prepare for our future and we all assume we’ll end up with a career at the end. But one crucial step in this process is often overlooked.

Networking and taking initiative are two skills vital to success. It is important to utilize these skills and have the confidence to make connections.

While most college students are aware of this, unfortunately not everyone takes networking seriously. In this economy, jobs are hard enough to find and having an education isn’t enough anymore.

In a recent National Public Radio story, an unemployment expert said that during a typical job search, you should make at least 100 phone calls a month.

At UM, taking initiative should be easy. With upcoming career fairs and other events hosted by Toppel, students should take full advantage of the university’s ability to attract top employers from across the world.

Don’t be afraid to attend. There are several coming up this semester that are targeted toward specialized fields including nursing, architecture and education. Toppel also offers information sessions on how to improve your networking skills; the next one is Feb. 21.

Another resource could be UM alums that have influential positions in business, entertainment and politics.

And, if you’re truly committed to getting a job or internship, you’ll complete the simple steps too, like checking your e-mail carefully. We’re all guilty of deleting e-mails, especially if they’re sent out from a school listserv. Take a second to skim through your inbox because you never know what internship opportunities are out there. If our professors and advisers are taking the time to send out e-mails with job opportunities, you won’t want to miss out on that.

We’re only in college for a limited time and won’t have access to these resources forever. Four years can fly by and before you know it, these oportunities will stop knocking.

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