Dressing up with cutting-edge fashion

Monthly magazines beware: Style blogs are a free and easy outlet for fashion fiends to get their daily fix, and there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re man-repelling, a style rookie or just a sucker for a good deal, these five blogs will feed the fashion hunger in you.

1. The Man Repeller (manrepeller.com) – Leandra Medine is just like you and me, except she uses a colorful vocabulary that includes terms of her own creation such as “man repeller,” “birth control glasses” and “lady boner.” Medine’s site revolves around the idea that the trends that make women drool (think layers, oxfords, harem pants) sometimes make men want to run in the other direction. But Medine makes it okay to want that velvet bowtie more than you want a date on Friday night.
2. The Style Rookie (thestylerookie.com) – Thirteen-year-old Tavi Gevinson is no fashion novice. Already an attendee of high fashion runway shows and a staple feature in magazines like Teen Vogue, this teen knows how to work the Web to her professional advantage. Gevinson proves that no one’s too young for good style.
3. Fashion Gone Rogue (fashiongonerogue.com) – Do you love magazine editorials but hate shelling out five bucks every time you want to peruse the latest designer duds? Fashion Gone Rogue has come to the rescue. The site posts high-fashion editorials from top magazines all over the world, making a trip to the nearest news rack seem unnecessary.
4. Racked (racked.com) – While Racked may have separate blogs for New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, something tells me Miami’s not too far off from having its own page. For now, you can go to their default national site, which highlights style steals from around the country.
5. Style.com (style.com) – Break-ups can be bittersweet; while the partnership between Vogue and Style.com was an affair to remember, now that the haute magazine has its own Web domain, Style.com is thriving as an independent fashion forum. Happily, their seasonal runway coverage is still unmatched.
Nicole Adlman may be contacted at nadlman@themiamihurricane.com.