Fashion 4Word: Winter break edition

Whether it’s down the highway to West Palm Beach or across the country to California, the stylish students of the University of Miami will soon be traveling home for the holidays. There’s nothing like tearing up your old stomping ground with high school friends, and whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, be sure to do so in style.

If the handbag fits…

Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags right now. They’re structured but soft, fashionable and functional…what more could a girl ask for? The only downside is the price tag, but these bags are sure to last for years to come. I personally like the “Classic Q Percy cross-body bag,” a style that would be perfect for nights in the Grove. You can fit your cell phone, wallet and beauty necessities without toting around a huge bag. However, I am absolutely lusting over the “Classic Q Baby Grove satchel,” which features buttery soft leather and a simple but classic design. It could honestly make any outfit look like a million bucks, and both are sure to be investments in your style portfolio.

All that glitters

Add sparkle to your holiday and New Year’s Eve parties this winter with metallic pieces…but don’t get too crazy. A little goes a long way. Try skirts or tops accented with a touch of gold, silver or even bronze. Some metallic pieces are even getting a 1920s flapper makeover, a nod to the popularity of this year’s “Boardwalk Empire.” Whether you’re into this trend for the extra glitz or you’re a fan of speakeasy style, there’s nothing better to get a party started than bringing the bling.

R.I.P. Ugg Boots

Yes they are warm and believe me, I get it. I hate the cold too (the actual frigid northeast, not Florida when it gets “cold”), but Ugg boots are overdone and well… ugly. With so many other footwear options this winter, suck it up and wear cute shoes for once! Bejeweled flats and embellished high heels can make almost any outfit instantly look more put-together. Why look like a slouch with so many better options to choose from? Choose fashion over frump, you’ll be glad you did.

Stop dressing like a homeless person

Ah, semi-formal season… it is but twice a year that the gentlemen of UM spruce up their look, springing for something other than a T-shirt. But why can’t guys dress well year-round? It’s the unspoken rule that girls at UM must look like they just stepped out of Ocean Drive magazine, so what’s with the double standard? Guys, if you want to get lucky sometime other than semi-formal season, disregard BroBible and throw that lax penny in the garbage. Immediately.

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