If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em… Then Fix What You Don’t Like

In my three years at the University of Miami, I’ve noticed that every time there’s a school wide event there is a plethora of complaints to go along. Whether it’s before, during or after the event complaints from students will surely come. I get it. It’s life.

I’m not at all saying that students shouldn’t be able to voice their opinions, but at some point my peers need to understand that everyone cannot be pleased. With such a diverse student body, everyone’s tastes can’t possibly be met, especially at annual events put on by students themselves.

This specifically bothered me with the issue our homecoming concerts. Year after year I’ve listened to my peers complain and contest the musical acts chosen to perform at our homecoming concerts, and year after year I’ve watched those same people do nothing about what they seem to so passionately oppose. At what point do we stop complaining and exercise our ability to change things?

As far as the argument that the musical acts chosen do not reflect the student body. Hurricane Productions, a student organization, is responsible for the concert and it is comprised of students. A suggestion would be to join Hurricane Productions, which is fairly simple, so that your voice can be heard. This is the same for anything on campus you don’t particularly agree with and would like to see change on campus, and in life.

Students don’t realize that they have more power than they think on this campus. You don’t have to just be a part of the student government to change things. As student’s we limit ourselves to the classrooms and forget that our lives as leaders and decision-makers starts now. Bottom line, you can’t complain about what you’re not taking the proper action to change.

Jasmine Henderson is a junior majoring in journalism and international studies. She may be contacted at jhenderson@themiamihurricane.com.