Perks of greek life

What do Erin Andrews, Kate Spade, Patricia Heaton, Christie Carlson Romano, Michelle Pfeiffer, Katie Couric and Madeline Albright all have in common? Not only were they all members of sororities in college, but they were sisters of one of the seven active Panhellenic organizations of which we have chapters on our campus.

The ticket to fame and fortune is not as simple as merely rushing in the spring, but these ladies demonstrate how greatness can be created and developed with the resources sororities provide.

There are many perks to being in a sorority here at UM. For starters, on the very first day of rush, you meet a plethora of new people. Every day of sorority life introduces new faces in the Greek community whether it’s on a committee, in class, at philanthropy events, on the intramural fields or just relaxing on the Panhellenic Building patio.

In addition to the social side, sororities also participate in an abundance of community service. Each organization holds their own philanthropy event ranging from flag football to fashion shows to raise money for their chapter’s charity. In addition, girls are very active in campus-wide service days such as Gandhi Day of Service, Hurricanes Help the Hometown and Fun Day. Not to mention, Greek Earth Day which is run by Greeks for Greeks.

Sororities also allow you to try things you always wanted to. Perhaps in high school you were too timid to try out for the soccer team but watched “Bend it Like Beckham” on the regular. Here’s your chance because sororities participate in intramural sports every season.

Or, let’s say you’ve been eager to get involved with Student Government but don’t know anyone on the executive board and are afraid to go to a meeting alone. Chances are, with 85 percent of student leaders being Greek, that one or more of your sisters are involved in one way or another and can show you the ropes.

Although sororities do in fact host mixers, date dashes, crush parties and formals, it’s not all about partying. Sorority life is whatever you make it. It presents the opportunities to gain leadership, make life-lasting friendships, do service for the world, make a difference in at UM and still have a little fun in the mix. Who knows, the next top fashion designer, newscaster or president of the United States may be amongst us right now.

Claire Miller is a sophomore majoring in sport administration. She may be contacted at