Wild students aim for TV spotlight

Got a video clip of an outrageous night? If you’re lucky, it might just win you an appearance on TV.
TruTv is looking for college students to send in their wildest, craziest, over-the-top videos for their upcoming “Top 20: Students Gone Wild” episode.
It’s true, a college campus is the best place to find people doing unexpected things. If you happen to catch it on tape, you not only get your video on television, but you may also get paid for  your submission. From sporting mishaps to dorm escapades and classroom pranks, Executive Producer Debra Weeks is looking for it all.
The “Students Gone Wild” theme proves to be very popular, since college students are always recording videos on their phones.
“Our show is an outlet for students to show their videos on somewhere other than the computer,” Weeks said.
The owner of the video will have to give permission for their footage to be shown on air. If chosen, video submissions will also be compensated with up to $100 depending on the dramatic element and quality of the video.
Students still have two more months to submit videos. TruTv hopes to air the episode around February or March of next year.
So why watch this special episode next year?
“This show will be an hour-long rollercoaster ride”, Weeks said. “It will definitely give you a lot of laughs. Reality television is such an addicting phenomenon, and it’s funny (yet a tad twisted) to see other people make fools of themselves. Who knows, someone from the University of Miami just may land a spot on the countdown.”
In addition to having your video featured on the countdown, students may also be chosen to do an on-camera interview.
“I see wild and funny things all the times at parties, so I think I would want to see what the top 20 would be,” senior Jared Campbell said.
Before sending in your videos, however, you should be aware of the legal implications contestants may face.
“Be careful of what you record on camera because you could be committing defamation or libel. And always read what they have you sign,” lawyer and journalism professor Samuel Terilli said.

Olivia Woolbright may be contacted at owoolbright@themiamihurricane.com. Editor’s Note: Student safety comes first. Creating or filming situations that will be harmful yourself or others is against university policy or is illegal.


“Top 20 Most Shocking” airs on TruTV Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on Channel 33.

They are always looking for material to use on any of their other Top 20 themed shows.

Interested?  Upload your videos directly to:  http://upload.nashentertainment.com
and then reference videos@nashentertainment.com as the recipient email address.