Staff Editorial: Ms. Lauryn Hill disappoints

On Friday, Hurricane Productions (HP) presented the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill as the headliner at the Homecoming concert on the university green.

As soon as it became known that this year’s Homecoming act was going to be Ms. Hill, many students asked “why?” or “who is she?” and Ms. Hill’s concert had plenty of mixed reviews.

Don’t get us wrong, Ms. Hill is a remarkable musician. From the Fugees to her Grammy award-winning solo album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” Ms. Hill was a 90s legend.

However, for a college-aged audience in the 21st century, Ms. Hill was not the best choice for our Homecoming act. Why not choose a performer that is highly acclaimed among our age group? For example, last year the University of Central Florida brought Asher Roth and T-Pain for their Homecoming, and last month it brought LMFAO, Ludacris and Corey Smith.

This past summer Ms. Hill ended the U.S. Rock the Bells Tour in D.C. by making her fans wait for three hours until she hit the stage. According to The Washington Post, she was delayed because she was getting a manicure and pedicure. Why hire someone to perform who is known for showing up late to her own concert for ridiculous reasons?

In addition to the low anticipation for her performance at UM, Ms. Hill’s late arrival made students even more dissatisfied with the concert. It took an hour and 15 minutes for Ms. Hill to finally perform after Donnis, the opening act.

Additionally, she was only allowed to perform for 50 minutes because of the Coral Gables noise ordinance that requires any outdoor acts to be quiet by midnight. In the short time she performed, Ms. Hill did not play the last three songs on the official copies of the show’s script: “Killing me Softly,” Bob Marley’s “Turn Your Lights Down Low” and the popular “Doo Wop (That Thing).” If she had arrived on time, she would have been able to perform these hit songs.

The main issue is that the type of people in charge of choosing the Homecoming act do not represent the majority of our school. In order to prevent an unsuccessful concert like this in the future, HP should allow more student input.

Homecoming is not only the tradition of welcoming back alumni of an institution, but it is a time to celebrate our school. Why not let the student body have a voice in deciding who comes to our campus for this special annual tradition?

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November 7, 2010


The Miami Hurricane

Student newspaper at the University of Miami

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  1. Trevor Jon says:

    What a pathetic concert. Students would have been will to pay money for tickets to see a better performer. All of you Lauryn Hill supporters are out of touch and should shut up

  2. Marcus says:

    I found this article after doing a search for “Lauryn Hill” in Yahoo News search engine. First of all, this article is POOR and if many of you students agree with any opinions this pathetic editor spits out, then you’re as messed up than I thought. Second, what person between ages 18 and 22 would NOT know or like Lauryn Hill? You’d all rather have “relevant acts”…aka…crappy, untalented artists like T-Pain or Asher Roth? Really? Some of you all need SERIOUS serious help and need to take a second look before you call yourselves music fans. I could care less about how late Lauryn was or how “irrelavant” you think she is, this lady is a GIFT when it comes to music, and is no where near “past her prime”…she only put out one solo album! Some of you all need to stop listening to today’s radio, do THOROUGH research, and gain an appreciation and understanding on REAL music from REAL artists like Lauryn (and not garbage, “relavant” acts like Lady Gaga, T-Pain, and other artists some of you awful kids wanted to see so bad). When Lauryn makes her comeback next year and is considered “hot” again, don’t then decide to jump on her bandwagon cause she won’t need your support…only from her real fans. I’m done taking yall to school, period.

  3. Hated Lauryn Hill says:

    I have to say, this is probably the most accurate piece I’ve read from the Hurricane. The wait really upset us. Having us wait 1 hr and 15 minutes, and then not play any hits at all. Didn’t we pay for her to sing. As concert goers, we pay for her to perform not have a jam session. Now granted, paying for a huge artist for T-Pain or LMFAO would be expensive I know that, but come on, we got someone who just made us wait for a long time before she got on stage. I understand if the wait is for 30 to 45 minutes but the time we waited for her…that’s just pushing it.

  4. bobby ray says:

    I will admit that Lauryn Hill was not the best pick for the demographics of UM, especially when you are hint that you think that t-pain would be a better artist. (LOL) I think that the majority of the university are musically retarded just as the author of this miseducated opinion. So maybe we should pay LMAFO the same price as grammy award winning Lauryn to play homecoming last year so that all the “Hills” people here at UM could have a great sing-a-long to “I’m in Miami Bitch.”
    If you can’t tell this is sarcasm. All of you uninformed of the legacy of Ms Hill, consider Friday’s concert a lesson of musical artistry. I was not intended to be a Lady Gaga concert so get over it!

  5. I Concur says:

    I agree with the author of this article. There could have been a better choice for the student body even with the limitations HP has to deal with. I’m not much of a Lauryn Hill fan to begin with, but the fact that she kept fans waiting for so long was just rude. I hope next years concert brings someone with a little more respect for the fans.

  6. As I read the other comments I’m shocked by the shots being taken toward the author of the editorial and the paper as a whole. This staff editorial is not the voice of one person but of a group of students (and although many of you are upset about what was written, this group of students is not alone in their thoughts that L. Hill was not the best choice).

    With that said, Lauryn Hill DID put on a great show, however many students in attendence did not know her music. To some this may seem like those particular students dont have good taste in music… to others its just the changing of the times. Hill is past her prime, a great performer but dated.

    I’m sure with the money allocated to HP, there was a more appropriate choice. Not necessarily LMFAO or T-Pain, but someone that a hit in the recent years. NERD and Common were great choices for our school and I think we should go back to that line of thinking so to speak. I don’t blame HP, these things happen, but next year we should definitely explore different options.

  7. A. Hunter says:

    This is one of the most ignorant and appalling pieces of “journalism” this paper has ever attempted.

    It is not accurate (this year’s concert was the most crowded in at least six years with many fans brought to tears by the above mentioned performances of “To Zion” and “Ex-Factor”). It is not informative (the Student Body does have a voice, simply join the Hurricane Productions Concert Committee). It is not well written (its argument is selective at best). And more than anything, it is in extremely pour taste (I am currently researching the inventor of headphones to thank him for being able to keep this paper’s editorial board’s musical preferences for their ears only).

    I would like to say that this paper should stick to what it is best at, but seemingly that would relegate them to reporting on Millie-Vanille’s Greatest Hits album or appointing the cartoon cat in the Paula Abdul music video its Editor-in-Chief.

    Once again, The Miami Hurricane remains the most consistent thing on campus.

  8. Miles Dotson says:

    Frankly this article compares us to acts booked at state schools when we are a private institution that does not charge students to attend from entertainment, Political to Athletic events. If you allow the students to have a voice, the students must be prepared and made aware that spotlight artist cost money. Students would then be paying to see a traditionally free show. Likewise, this reminds me of the notion on which the football games have been suggested to move to a lottery for popular attendance games. If paying, when let down students will respond with so much greater disapproval. It was an honor to have Lauryn Hill, and furthermore I dare someone name when we have ever had a major artist perform on the homecoming stage during a heavily notarized period of their career.

    Once you figure out that you cannot answer my question, if you still want to have a voice be prepared to pay what it cost and ruin a free tradition. There is a saying that resounds the sentiment, “you can’t please everyone so take it in stride.”

  9. Disappointed says:

    I have to say, I was there. I was disappointed with the choice of performers since the day she was announced. This was the wrong audience for a Lauryn Hill concert. I’m sure she tried her hardest, but the fact that she was late and didn’t sing any of her big hits did not sit well with the crowd. She has past her prime and is now a b-list performer, as demonstrated on Friday. Hey Miami, NO MORE B-LIST HOMECOMING ACTS!!!!!

  10. First off, as I’m typing this, I’m worried my computer will get attacked by malware. Like seriously, WTF??? Who though of bringing Lauryn Hill? Who is she and what demographic was she supposed to attract? If you didn’t care about the performed being relevant, you could’ve saved some money and marched William Hung onstage and people would’ve still gone because it was within walking distance of where they live.

  11. cag115 says:

    Another question…were you even at the concert? Because if you were, and you had any appreciation for hip-hop music whatsoever, you would have mentioned her performance of “To Zion” and “Ex-Factor” as two of the most chilling individual song renditions that you’ve seen in sometime, that’s undeniable. And if anyone tries to argue that point, again, there really has to be something said for their taste in music.

  12. cag115 says:

    Anyone who doesn’t appreciate a concert performed by Lauryn Hill has no understanding of music whatsoever. Lauryn Hill is one of the greatest female performers of all time. If we had people like you in charge of concerts, we’d have Taio Cruz opening for Black Eyed Peas. And if you want that as your Homecoming Concert…well, I don’t know what to tell you. This editorial is the biggest joke I have ever read in my life, goodness gracious what a pathetic understanding of music people have. T-Pain performed at UCF, and was followed up by LMFAO? Awesome, seriously.

  13. Let’s not forget the sound system sucked. Too much feedback in not only the DJ mix but in her performance. Maybe we should hire people who actually know how to run sound boards in such a big outdoor venue.

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