Letter to the Editor

Mackenzie Green’s unfortunate article made me cringe, made me want to fill out a transfer slip and get the hell away from the artificial life so many people on campus are living. Coral Gables is not and never will be like “Bad Boy”-nor will it ever have “hard streets.”

The median income for the Gables is around $121,000- nearly two and a half times that of the national median income. Coral Gables is too rich to have crime. Have you noticed that crime occurs in poor areas, areas that the police target because of traits such as race, socioeconomic income or education?

Maybe because some UM students have never stepped foot out of their pristine neighborhoods or even showed enough concern to simply read about the happenings in areas such as Little Haiti, Overtown or Liberty City, these recent crimes do seem a “messed up sundae of crime.”

However, if one were to get outside their “Barbie-like” Coral Gables world where the biggest concern is not putting your trash out too early the night before lest you get a huge fine, then you’d see that life’s a lot tougher on the outside.


Chelsea Rivera is a junior majoring in human and social development. She may be contacted at crivera@themiamihurricane.com.