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Mackenzie Green’s unfortunate article made me cringe, made me want to fill out a transfer slip and get the hell away from the artificial life so many people on campus are living. Coral Gables is not and never will be like “Bad Boy”-nor will it ever have “hard streets.”

The median income for the Gables is around $121,000- nearly two and a half times that of the national median income. Coral Gables is too rich to have crime. Have you noticed that crime occurs in poor areas, areas that the police target because of traits such as race, socioeconomic income or education?

Maybe because some UM students have never stepped foot out of their pristine neighborhoods or even showed enough concern to simply read about the happenings in areas such as Little Haiti, Overtown or Liberty City, these recent crimes do seem a “messed up sundae of crime.”

However, if one were to get outside their “Barbie-like” Coral Gables world where the biggest concern is not putting your trash out too early the night before lest you get a huge fine, then you’d see that life’s a lot tougher on the outside.


Chelsea Rivera is a junior majoring in human and social development. She may be contacted at crivera@themiamihurricane.com.



October 24, 2010


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  1. Tyler P says:

    Before you are so quick to crusify the editor and throw stones you need to understand MacKenzies article! If you want talk about areas that are “too rich for crime” then maybe you need to step out of your fantasy world and go to real RICH areas I.E. Brickel Key ,and Star Island before you throw out elementary statistics. There is no such thing as being too rich for crime(if so there wouldn’t be law enforcement there), it’s the 21st Century wake up and smell the coffee Ms. Rivera.You have to be watchful wherever you go.Yes, Coral Gables is a suburb to a sense but lets take time look at what road LeJune runs to… That’s right it’s Ponce De Leon, which runs to numerous urban communities that sandwich Coral Gables.Clearly it isn’t isolated from crime.
    MacKenzies article shows that she has a wealth of exposure, enough to know UM does an outstanding job to keep students and staff safe. Im also sure MacKenzies family wouldnt be sending her to UM and spending money on tuition if UM really was anywhere close to being dangerous which is why she poked fun in certain parts of her article.
    I also love how the areas that you listed are 75-80% African American..What there aren’t Hispanic or Caucasion nieghborhoods where crime occurs??? Maybe you should take off your rose colored glasses and gain some exposure because im sure your part of a small % of people who misinterpreted the article.

  2. Nicki says:

    “Coral Gables is too rich to have crime.” Are you kidding me? Apparently you were under a rock last year when a kid was stabbed to death at Coral Gables High School and a few weeks ago when there was a bomb threat and bank robbery at Bank of America. Oh, and the armed robberies that occur on campus, remember them?

  3. ad89 says:

    Cosign on ALL of it..

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