Reaction to lack of action

Two years ago, Barack Obama was elected to the presidency behind a wave of anti-Bush sentiment and a “Yes We Can” attitude.  But as I sit here today, nearly two years after his to office, it’s tough to wonder if Obama’s campaign was nothing more than a fancy YouTube video starring Will.I.Am.

Last year, I penned an article for The Miami Hurricane, questioning Obama’s credentials for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  Now it’s time to pen an article questioning his credentials for the presidency… again.  The economy is still in shambles, the war is still going on, and all this “bi-partisanship” that was promised to us during any one of Obama’s seemingly endless string of campaign speeches has proven to be no more than hollow words.

A recent poll by the Rasmussen Reports showed that the amount of Americans who identify themselves as Democrats has hit a record low… for the second straight month.  Only 34.6 percent of American adults consider themselves “Democrats,” a startling seven percent drop from when Obama was elected in Nov. 2008.

So I challenge everyone: Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, to ask themselves, “What has Obama actually accomplished over the past two years?”  We’ve had an oil spill that took seemingly forever to clean up. Also, early predictions show the GOP making up serious ground for the midterm elections next month- as much of an indictment on Obama as the individual Democratic state leaders.

So what does this all mean for Obama’s chances in 2012?  Well, nothing right now.  Two years is still a long time in the political landscape, and if the economy can begin to start showing more (okay, any) signs of life, Obama may be able to salvage his presidency.  But there’s no more Rahm Emanuel to fire off snarky remarks.  And Nancy Pelosi, his closest ally, is as respected as a Nickelback fan at an AC/DC concert.  The point is, just saying “Yes We Can,” doesn’t mean you will. And so far, Obama hasn’t. So I ask, before you go to the polls next month: Is Obama really the best America has to offer?  I think not, and eventually so will you.

Michael Perchick is a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism and political science.  He may be contacted at