Dear V: Should he dare to be bare?

Dear V,

I have a problem which is interesting in nature. I’m dating this wonderful guy who is better than anyone I’ve ever been with ever. He’s thoughtful and fun and my best friend. There’s just one thing… I’m a girl who goes pretty much bare down there to keep everyone happy, but let’s just say the favor is not reciprocated. What do I do? I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it kinda is…

Dares to be bare

Dear Bare Beauty,

Phew! I have a tendency to glance at a reader’s pseudonym before the question and I was afraid I was going to be dealing with a person questioning if they should wear a rubber (wipes sweat from brow).

Well, in the same regard, personal hygiene down south is equally as important a topic. I can say with the upmost certainty that for a majority of people, sexual interplay is much more desirable when one does not have to hack through the thickets of an untamed jungle.

What causes men to think that only women, gay men and ambiguous/metrosexual men are the only ones that need to invest in the routine maintenance of their property? Is it somehow more masculine to be less hygienic? Far too many questions accompany such a topic.

Take a note, readers who’d rather let their patch grow freely: I’m all for individual preference to grooming techniques, or lack thereof. However, when you are having sex or in a relationship with someone, another person is intimately involved. Therefore, aesthetic should be considered.

For those who we are interested in, we try and work on a nicely coiffed do, a perfectly chiseled smile and that proportionally toned body. Why stop at what is hidden under the waistline?

So, Bare Beauty, I encourage you to toy with the concept of trimming with him. Remind him that a well-kept area actually makes the penis appear larger. While I’m in no way questioning the size of his cohort in crime, I’m sure this would intrigue him.

This more indirect method could prove to be beneficial, however, sometimes the direct approach yields the fastest results. You could obviously bring up your desire to see a more maintained member because this is your boyfriend and not some casual-type situation. This seems like the most viable option.

If the blunt method still proves to yield limited results and all else fails, then you could always have fun with it and save yourself time in the process. Simply stop grooming down there and he will (most definitely) address his concerns. In turn, you could always hold your southern hemisphere ransom until he agrees to bite the bullet and reshape some terrain of his own.

Simply talk this out with him because, possible awkwardness aside, he deserves to hear your concerns.

Now tend to the fields, Bare Beauty.

Happy Reapings!


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