NFL Sunday ticket offered at the Rat

Sunday. It’s the one day of the week that most people just generally seem happier. To many it’s the day to relax, to take a breather from the daily stress of the week. It is their weekly recesses from work, (or for most at UM) tests, homework, studying, and just the constant struggle of going to class.

To others it’s their day to enjoy fellowship of others, whether it is by an early jog with a friend, hanging out with family, or going to church. Some just smile because they get to enjoy the comfort of their bed for more time.

Sunday can be for a number of hobbies but there is always football on Sundays in the fall and winter. That is the one constant.

Students living in the residential towers on campus are restricted. They will get a choice of three or four games. But there is an option for everyone.

The university’s own Rathskeller has provided NFL Sunday Ticket for the past ten years.

Provided by Directv, NFL Sunday Ticket is an all-game package where fans can see every single game played on Sunday.

With more than 20 TVs and a main projector screen in the middle of the bar, the Rat provides every NFL game there is to watch with complementary drinks special.

Once you enter the Rat you’ll feel like you are in a NFL convention, where you’ll see just about every team’s jersey, and names such as Manning, Brady, Johnson, Favre, Peterson, Welker, and Polamalu are seen throughout the bar.

Remarks such as “Are you serious!?!?”, “That’s what I’m talking about!”, roars of excitement as well as explicit language are heard all over the bar.

Megan DeMilia, a senior and waitress at the Rat claims the atmosphere is always electric.

“All you hear is football…happy and sad screams,”  she said.

Since there is no outside service and only bar food is provided, DeMilia describes the atmosphere of the Rat as the most “laid back” of the week.

Zack Wallen a junior in his first semester working at the Rat in the kitchen says, “it’s refreshing…an overall good day at work.”

Students that attended the first Sunday of the NFL season describe how grateful they are for the Rat showing the NFL games.

Greg Jones a sophomore from Washington D.C and a Texans fans says that “[he] can’t remember the last time [he] didn’t watch football on Sunday.”

To many that are far from home, such as brothers Taylor and Mike from Maine, explain how watching the Patriots play makes Miami feel a little like New England.

Mike who is a first year Graduate student says that the Rat is a “big tool for recruiting…its camaraderie, it gives the campus as sense of identity.”

It will be one of the few places if not the only were you would find more than 20 Patriots fans congregated in Miami.

Whether you are a football fan or not, come to the Rat on Sunday and become part of a ten year tradition. Follow your hometown team or fall in love with another team. Just come and make your Sunday a little more special.

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