How fast are the Hurry Cane shuttles hurrying?

If you live anywhere other than the on campus dorms, I am sure that you have noticed the recent restructuring of the UMiami Hurry Cane shuttle routes. Most people would agree that the shuttle system from the past few years was not great, but has the problem really been solved?

Richard Sobaram explains that “We asked ourselves what would be the best and most cost-efficient way of accomplishing our goals.” The new mentality of the parking and transportation department is that they want to get students within five minutes of their intended destination while simultaneously cutting costs.

However, these “goals” do not take costs to students into account. Students don’t want to walk five minutes to get to a bus stop in this Miami heat, in fact, I want to walk as little as possible when it involves getting to class. A five minute walk or less to and from the bus stop pretty much displaces any gains in efficiency that this new restructuring has resulted in just do the math.

Have you noticed less shuttles around campus? I have, it’s probably due to the fact that UMiami used to run 17 buses and now run only six. The reason: budget. Listen, I understand that times are tough, and yes we should do or part to stop global warming, but if you aren’t on a full ride to go here, then you’re pretty much getting hustled (no pun intended).

So, if your thinking about taking the shuttle from Stanford Circle to the UV, don’t be surprised when you have to get off at ponce garage and wait for another bus just to get there; but if you do, take a second to stop by the parking services office by the garage and voice your opinion too.

Michael Berliner is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering. He may be contacted at