YouNiversity of Miami: Grovers

Your roommate might be one. That kid sitting next to you in biology? Maybe. That group of cute girls stumbling back at 3 a.m. into the freshman dorms? Definitely.

While during the day they may look and act just like anybody else, a different species has begun to rapidly evolve at our university – Grovers.

The Grove has been responsible for some of my favorite (blurry) Miami memories. The hyped-up legend of this cluster of bars and restaurants about ten minutes from campus is well known, even to first week freshman. Tavern, Barracudas, Crazy Pianos… the list is on going.

The truth, which I refused to accept as a first year student, is that it takes time and experience to really be able to sensibly enjoy the Grove. If you have a terrible fake I.D. (not that I condone using those, cough cough) stay away from Mr. Moes! If you don’t have an ID, go to Chicago’s for an 18+ environment, or to Oasis to smoke hookah instead. If you’re belligerent and drooling, it’d be better to catch a $10 dollar cab ride back to campus rather than pass out on the floor in another bar, vomit in the Cane Shuttle, or give the finger to a policeman. Trust me, they’re a lot less fun than Super Troopers makes them out to be.

All warning aside, you really do have to ‘Grove it up during your time here at UM. Going out on Tuesday/Thursdays is a long standing tradition, one that needs to be continued! Halloween in the Grove is one of the best events of the year, GreenStreet is a great place to take a breather with buddies, and the drinks offered at Fat Tuesdays or Wet Willies always lead to an interesting night.

And of course, the already beautiful girls that swarm our university dress up, powder up, and charge those cameras as they hit Cocowalk. Guys, it may only take us five minutes to go from playing Fifa in our boxers to fully ready to leave, but these girls spend hours and hours of preparation, and it shows. Ladies, speaking of which, my number is…

So long story short, the Grove is a place where you can get the true college experience; hitting bars and clubs with hundreds of people your own age, getting just a little bit tipsy, and making memories that will last you … the rest of the night. So find me on your first Thursday night Groving, and I’ll buy you a drink to toast the many Thursdays to come.

Evan Peskin is a junior majoring in pre-med psychology. He may be contacted at