Fashion 4Word: The new and noteworthy for fall

The semester has gotten under way, and the papers and test dates are starting to pile up. But what better way to battle the stress of school than looking damn fine? Check out this fashionista’s fall trend tips to be sure you’re in the know and can avoid committing a fashion don’t.

Get the skinny and belt it up.

This season I am dying for belts– dying! No longer just for the prim and proper J.Crew-types, this fall’s skinny belts are more versatile than ever. Look for studded and metallic leather versions that can be worn with different types of outfits. Using the same belt you can take your outfit from classic rocker chick, to punked-up prep, to refined college t-shirt chic. Sure, skinny belts are nothing new in the world of fashion, but they’re often over-looked and the perfect finishing touch for an outfit that is lacking.

Thank Jesus for Levi Strauss.

Okay, so we’ve all been there and its freaking frustrating… trying to shove your curvy self into a pair of stick-straight skinny jeans is never a fun experience, especially when your friend in the next fitting room over can easily slip them on (well she has a big nose anyway, so it’s whatever). Thankfully Levi Strauss has come to rescue. They’ve developed a new line, Levi’s Curve ID, based on shape and not size. With three different “curves,” finding the perfect fit is no longer an aggravation. “Slight” is for those who find jeans are tight at the waist but fit in the hips and thighs. Women whose jeans often fit at the waist but don’t flatter their figure should check out the “demi” style, and “bold” is dedicated to those with genuine curves all over. The line debuted Sept. 2; check out for more information.

For the love of Michael Kors, throw out those goddamn shoes.

You know the exact ones I’m talking about: those clunky, dark Michael Kors gladiator heels. Way too many Miami girls attempt to wear them (especially out in South Beach) and it simply needs to stop. I weep for those mistaken fashionistas who think these heels look attractive just because they were trendy over a year ago and now happen to be on sale at Marshalls. Do the rest of campus a favor, toss them in the trash bin and trade up for a pair of neutral beige heels. They’re flattering, lengthen the leg and there are so many options available. Choose from a wedge, pump, stiletto, kitten heel, hell even a flat. Instead of cutting your leg off at an odd point, the heels’ neutral tones blend with your skin to create a continuous line and illusion of legs that go on and on.

Leggings are not pants.

I’m sorry but they are not. Leggings are just not pants, no matter how comfortable or wrinkle-free they may be. At first the legging began its fashion jaunt while worn under skirts (that was one of those times that we pretend never happened…). Then the skirt was ditched, and fashion-forward ladies just wore their leggings under long shirts (somewhat acceptable, at least they were covering their VPL’s…visible panty lines, of course). But now the legging line has been crossed. Personally I don’t care to be affronted by sloppy-looking outfits and camel-toe on the daily. Stop the self-denial and please buy yourself a pair of actual pants.

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