Academic Fellows walk the walk for freshmen

Sophomore Pierre-Richard "Ricky" Gautier walks the runway during the Fashion Show. ACAR organized their third annual fashion show held on the Hecht Stanford Bridge Tuesday evening. Brittney Bomnin//Art Director

As the models line up just minutes before the show, their jokes and smiles show a level of comfort that some professionals take years to develop. Perhaps their confidence is due to the fact that these models were preparing to walk down a red paper runway with hip-hop beats serving as background music.

The annual Academic Fellow (AF) Fashion Show took place on the Hecht-Stanford Bridge Tuesday evening, with each Academic Fellow from Hecht and Stanford Residential Colleges dressed in a different outfit in order to demonstrate to freshmen the “right” and “wrong” ways to dress for certain events, from business professional to a spirited Cane’s game day gear.

As the models walked along the runway, an active crowd of about 50 students whistled, clapped and yelled their approval for the different outfits.

“The idea behind it is to showcase what is appropriate and inappropriate for students to wear, knowing that what students wear to class is really the first thing they say about themselves,” said V. Chunoo, the academic and career advisor for Hecht.

In the event’s third year, an additional part was added on to the show: short video clips between the models’ runway walks that teach freshman some basic mistakes to avoid, such as not using cell phones during class and not leaving the classroom early.

The fashion show is just one way that the school looks to help freshmen transition into a college lifestyle.

“All the people here that work at Hecht always like to be friendly and there’s a lot of programs to help you get involved,” freshman Kaitlyn Rancour said.

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