A closer look at what the new Hurricane Force has to offer

It is hard to believe that UM students would need incentives to attend more sporting events, but it certainly could not hurt right? Category 5 is stepping up this semester to bring Hurricane Force, an attendance incentive program offering prizes to students for attending more assorted sporting events.

Not all UM students find womens basketball or volleyball as entertaining as football or mens basketball.  But with Category 5 sweetening the deal by offering free prizes for attending these and other sporting events how can students resist.

“Once you actually get out there and go to the games you realize that it is actually really fun because you sort of become part of the team,” Category 5 Chair Brandon Mitchell said. “You see the team bonding out there and you sort of become part of the atmosphere.”

Category 5 feels that through their five to ten year existence they have indirectly helped more unfamiliar sports gain more recognition through their efforts.  But they expect the Hurricane force program to accelerate attendance at women’s volleyball, basketball, men’s basketball, baseball and even football.

So how does this program work and how can students earn their way to the top prize of a flat screen T.V?  Every game is worth a certain amount of points like women’s basketball worth the most at four points per game, three points for baseball, two points for mens basketball and one point for football.  At the end of the academic year the top five members with the most points will receive a flat screen television and a trip for two to an away game during the 2011 football season.

There are plenty of other prizes to be had while shooting for the top prize as well.  After gaining 15 accumulated points members will receive a Hurricane Force t-shirt and be entered in for a chance to win courtside seats for a UM home basketball game.  After only 25 points members will receive a mini hurricane football and be entered in for a chance to win batters box seats at a home UM game.

The prizes continue with 45 points members will receive an exclusive invitation to a barbecue at AllCanes as well as 25% off for that day and a chance to win two Miami Heat tickets.  65 points will earn members a restricted invitation to an open practice with the football team and a chance to win two business class airline tickets.  The highest guaranteed prize is achieved at 85 points with a meet and greet with players and coaches and a shopping spree at AllCanes plus a chance to win your very own suite to a 2011 Miami Dolphins home game at Sun Life Stadium.

With a one of a kind program like Hurricane Force and a great caliber of athletics like the University of Miami has students are running low on reason not to attend more sporting events.  UM has been recruiting only the top players from all over the United States and even the world to bring more student pride to our campus.  All Category 5 and the athletic department would like in return for their efforts is higher attendance at more diverse sports.

Rico Dominguez may be contacted at rdominguez@themiamihurricane.com.