Dear V: My soldier doesn’t stand at full attention

Dear V,

I don’t really have a problem, just a curiosity. You see, ever since I can remember my lone soldier has has never quite stood at full
attention. It’s not that I can’t get a full erection, its just that there seems to be a curvature to the shape when it’s fully engorged.
In my particular case it bends down to a certain degree. As far as I can tell it hasn’t interfered with me doing everything I need it to.
I’ve just never had the opportunity to ask anyone as to whether or not a curved erection is normal/correctable/an indication of something else.

The Bends

Dear The Bends,

Like you said, this doesn’t really seem to be a problem for you, so kudos. In fact, it’s rare that a man will have a perfectly straight
member. Many guys have way worse issues downstairs, so if this is the biggest dillemma you have, I’d say you’re pretty lucky.

Most penises that are slightly curved are that way from birth. As long as your parts have always looked like this, there’s no need to be concerned. If your soldier had been straight and was now suddenly bent out of shape, that would certainly be cause for concern. If this were the case, you should see a doctor and they can generally treat the issue with medication.

There are certain cases due to various diseases and disorders that need correction by surgery, but they have much more serious side effects that (thankfully) you don’t seem to be exhibiting. Hopefully this is obvious, but do NOT try to straighten it by the use of sheer force; very bad idea and you’ll end up with a bigger problem than you started with.

Your situation was most likely caused by the two chambers of the penis developing at different rates (very common). As long as it’s not causing you any pain, I say embrace the bend. It’s your unique feature, your sign of sticking it to the man while still successfully sticking it in a woman. Your curvature actually lets the head of the penis touch areas unreached by a so-called “normal” penis, which can be even more pleasurable for your lady.

No need to fret, your soldier is just as strong as the rest.