“Going the Distance” falls flat

“Going the Distance” is a fairly straight-forward film about a long-distance relationship. There are no major twists or surprises, and it’s an honest, vaguely romanticized look at a realistic couple. Like any relationship, however, the film starts to drag after a funny, fast-paced “getting to know you” montage. Once the courtship ends and Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett’s (Justin Long) relationship begins, “Going the Distance” becomes a bit monotonous.

Any passion that Barrymore and Long may have in their real-life relationship did not transfer well to the screen. While not a disaster of, say, “Gigli” proportions, “Going the Distance” is definitely not much fun. Barrymore is notably subdued, avoiding the wackiness that affects all of her roles. Long isn’t a natural leading man, but he sufficiently holds his own.

The best performance is from Christina Applegate as Erin’s anal-retentive, overprotective sister. The normally fantastic Jason Sudeikis is boorish, though he is nowhere near as obnoxious as Charlie Day as Garrett’s roommate. One of the highlights is a fleeting, hilarious cameo from Kristen Schaal, but her onscreen time is minimal.

The best moments of the film can all be found in its trailer and commercials. What could have been a pleasant, promising movie is, in reality, outrageously crude and fairly offensive. More than that, it’s just boring.

Sarah B. Pilchick may be contacted at spilchick@themiamihurricane.com.

Rating: 1.5/4 stars

Starring: Drew Barrymore, Justin Long

Release date: Sept. 3

Directed By: Nannette Burstein

MPAA Rating: R