Shuttle routes re-structured

The Department of Parking and Transportation Services has updated shuttle routes to run more efficiently.

Less is truly more when it comes to the Hurry’Cane shuttle service- less time that is.

The Department of Parking and Transportation Services has updated shuttle routes to run more efficiently. There will only be two direct routes instead of three: one from Stanford Circle to Ponce Garage and one from the Fountain to Ponce Garage.

The most common complaint from students using the shuttles was that they ran far behind schedule, leading to a long wait time between buses.

“The maximum wait time will [now] be around seven minutes,” said Richard Sobaram, director of Parking and Transportation Services.

The new system was tested by the parking and transportation staff themselves.

“We timed how long it took to get to certain stops during rush hour, when traffic [volume] was heaviest,” Sobaram said.

He promises that there will be as little as a five-minute walk to any destination from each stop.

The only negative effect of this new routing is that a few stops have been taken away.

UV residents living in Buildings 1-4 will have to catch shuttles on San Amaro Drive, in front of the Hecht Athletic Center, instead of the Albenga Garage stop. Students living in Mahoney/Pearson will now have to walk to Stanford Drive to catch the shuttle.

“The majority of my classes are in Flipse and the [School of Communication] building,” junior Shaquayla Mims, a Mahoney resident, said. “I would rather have a shuttle that is prompt in picking me up. What’s the point of a shuttle stop being close if you’re going to be waiting there forever for the shuttle to even come?”

Student Government was also involved in this decision to make changes to the routes. Improving parking and transportation around campus was one of the platforms during President Christina Farmer’s campaign last semester.

“We are happy with the new system,” Farmer said.

She ensured that Student Government will make sure that all students are informed of these changes so there will not be any confusion and is confident that these changes will benefit students.

“We had to think logically,” Student Government Press Secretary Ryan Aquilina said. “It just makes more sense.”

Although students may have to walk a little farther to catch a shuttle, it is guaranteed that they will not have to wait as long for it to arrive. For instance, instead of riding down Stanford Drive to get to Stanford Circle, the shuttles will go down Merrick Street, which instantly cuts off five minutes of traveling time.

Aside from the Hurry’Cane shuttles, Ibis Ride will be available to students starting Sept. 16. This shuttle will pick up students from Stanford Circle and take them to Coconut Grove on Thursday and Friday nights from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m.

For longer trips, the university also provides students with Zipcar. Students using Zipcar can rent a car at an hourly rate of $8 that includes both gas and insurance after paying a $35 yearly fee. They can also be parked for free at any university parking lot. Zipcars can be reserved on the telephone or at

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