RADIx, music with a message at 28th annual SunFest

The  28th Annual SunFest West Palm Beach Music and Art Festival lasted from Wednesday 28th to May 2 and showcased a variety of talent.

The sweet and soulful Arrivederci serenaded West Palm Beach. The B-52s kept their audience dancing to retro new-wave rock. And Alberta’s Cross melodic guitar riffs and vocals caught the audience in a trance.

The festival also showcased music by another type of artist: those with strong socially-conscious messages.

RADIx took the stage to deliver messages of hope and perseverance through their artistry and skill.

Formed in 2003, RADIx has since rose to and maintained prominence on the underground  hip-hop scene, where  artist’s popularity are truly based  on their talent. RADIx, a Latin word meaning root, is composed of lyricists Quite Nyce and Seek.

RADIx sat down with The Miami Hurricane and H.E.L.P. (Holistic Entrepreneurial Liaison Projects, an effort designed to promote empowerment, discourse, community service, and world engagement  through  entrepreneurial  innovation and  a humanistic perspective) during Sunfest to discuss these ideas.

The Miami Hurricane: How and why did you get started in music?

Seek:  “Well I think everyone on a certain level has a dream or has a love for music or a love to perform.  I was one of those people that loved music, I loved to perform, rap and write music and  record. I was lucky enough to have enough people that I met and people in my life that did it with me and gave me positive reinforcement. And I just kept doing it and kept going and got better.  That’s really how it happened, there is no real reason or magic answer. It’s just the love I had for it.”

Quite Nyce:  “I got started doing poetry.  Then one of my friends pushed me to start rapping so I started.  I was already writing really good poems. And you know, it just developed over time.  It defiantly got a lot better than when I first started.  And I just love it.  I love it.”
“Why I do music?  I do music because I don’t know any other way of life. I couldn’t imagine just to live, just to have kids, and have a wife, and have two car garage…and live that life.  I always want to be involved in music.  It does something, it fulfills a part of my life that nothing else does but music.”

TMH: What motivates your music?

Seek: “I think right now just life, life in general. It is what is in our heart. That’s what motivates it.  We don’t really draw from anything that’s not real. Our love for everybody and wanting to make good music that a broad audience can enjoy.”

Quite Nyce:  “Like Seek said, life. Experiences. My friends. My family. Just going through life’s struggles, man.  And trying to make music that uplifts people and maybe enlighten them about some things that are going on in the world.”

TMH: What social issues do you think are of most importance?

Quite Nyce:  “There are a couple that are near and dear to me: homelessness and people starving.  I think those two issues should be eradicated.  I don’t think there should be anyone on the face of the earth that doesn’t have a place to live, and clean water, and food to eat. I think it is ridiculous that we live in this world of all this capitalism, all this get money, and there are people still starving to death   in America.  I think it is ridiculous.”

Seek: “I say the media. I think the media doesn’t report of enough of what’s truth and what’s real. I think it is propaganda. A lot of things that get pumped into society are based on interests that shouldn’t be.  That is what I think.”

TMH: Media is a form of communication.  Are you saying that music can counteract [propaganda]  by going to a  deeper level? It can affect the heart versus the mind?

Seek:  “I think it starts like that.  But I think it is on the media to follow through.  But I think it can defiantly have a huge impact on our society.  Music is a huge part of society.  I think that is another good point. A lot of musicians don’t have that mentality that they want to send a message… because it is not popular or it’s not going to sell.  But I guess that what happens when the business devours you.”

TMH: So are you an artist to communicate your viewpoints or make music, or a little bit of both?

Seek:  “A little bit of both.  We make music to make people happy, to make people feel good and enjoy life.  That’s our purpose. That’s our goal.  That’s what we want to accomplish.”

TMH: What would you say to college students that about to graduate?

Seek: “I would to tell anyone coming out of college just enjoy life and be happy.  Don’t give up on your dreams. Just stay alive,  and survive. It’s a harsh world out there.  The business world and the real world are harsh.  Just try to stay happy. That is really the only advice I can give anybody.”

Quite Nyce: “Save you money.  Don’t get credit cards.  Always tell your Mom and Dad that you love them everyday, and your siblings too.  Don’t take the little things too seriously. You don’t want to take those things too seriously, you want to live life and be happy. There are a lot things that go on in your life, that may not make you happy but there is always a silver lining even in the worst of times.”