Speak Up 4/29

What is the best part about working for The Miami Hurricane?

News Editor Ramon Galiana: “Incredibly stressful and chaotic. It sucks at first, but at the end of the day it is incredibly rewarding and we do a lot of good for the U.”

Photo Editor Brittney Bomnin: “I get confused with Pam from the Office because my desk is the receptionist desk!”

Art Director Felipe Lobon: “The delirium at midnight.”

Managing Editor Christina De Nicola: “Next year we are going to have an a cappella group that’s going to go against Vocal Adrenalin from ‘Glee’. And they’ve  got no chance because… Have you seen these air guitar skills? Watch out!”

Sports Editor Justin Antweil: “Definitely has to be the weekend ragers. Remember, it’s all about the U!”

Editor in chief Chelsea Matiash: “Definitely deadline days- probably the most stressful and rewarding part. We are all best friends here, even if we are screaming at each other during deadline. The best part is hanging out with all these people. I’m going to miss them so much! I’m so sad it’s going to be my last issue!”

Copy Chief Laura Edwins: “Writing headlines!”

Copy Editor Alexa Lopez: “And captions!”

Copy Chief Laura Edwins: “And teasers!”

Copy Editor Alexa Lopez: “And lead-ins! But best of all…”

Both: “Knowing AP style!”