Students: speak up or shut up

I constantly hear questions, complaints and opinions being murmured in the hallways, the computer lab and in classes by students in the School of Communication.

Whether it’s the price of textbooks, parking problems or what they think of their classes, every student in the School of Communication has an opinion and there is actually a place where it can be expressed.

I was disappointed when I showed up last Tuesday to the Dean’s Forum to see that out of more than 1,000 students in the Communication School, only 13 showed up, counting myself.

I was even more surprised when Dean Sam L. Grogg began speaking. He brought up and asked for opinions on most of the issues that seem to be concerning students.

The first thing that he mentioned was that after the accrediting council visited the School of Communication a few weeks ago, they went away thinking that we not only have a remarkable school but also an amazing student body.

“We passed with flying colors,” he said.

This made me feel proud of being a public relations major in the University of Miami and I am sure my classmates and peers from the Communication School would have felt the same if they had been there to hear that.

He then asked how we felt about textbooks, the prices, their usefulness and the possibility in the future of offering textbooks electronically. A girl in her freshman year said she felt that her favorite classes were those where her teachers are really passionate and they don’t rely on textbooks.

Dean Grogg and the rest of the team in the School of Communication are not only willing to listen, they are ready to take action on every one of the issues students feel are important. So, next semester, clear your schedule and show up, because trust me, your opinion really counts.

Maria Echeverria is a sophomore majoring in public relations. She may be contacted at