Staff Editorial: Merging Greek life with a new set of values

Last week, 12 fraternity presidents had the opportunity to approve the adoption of Delta Lambda Phi, a gay, bisexual and progressive male fraternity. Two weeks before these presidents made their decision, leaders of Delta Lambda Phi visited a meeting of the Interfraternity Council (IFC).

Fraternity presidents consulted other leaders in their chapter before making their final decision. By an anonymous vote of 10-2, this male fraternity was successfully approved and, as a result, will be the 13th fraternity under the IFC.

In the past two years, three fraternities have been approved by chapter presidents, while the last time a sorority was added was in 2004.

The fact that the majority of fraternity presidents approved Delta Lambda Phi reflects how other chapters are willing to accept a fraternity that does not follow the typical college Greek stereotype.

More impressive is that these fraternities overlooked their desire to see another sorority added on campus before they added this new male chapter; perhaps because this new fraternity will probably not be having traditional mixers and will not affect the ratio for these events.

Not only will this fraternity add diversity to the IFC, it will also reinforce University of Miami’s acceptance of all people and sexual orientations.

Greek life should be made up of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, and should be experienced by more students.

Regardless of sexual orientation, one should be able to participate in Greek life. The addition of Delta Lambda Phi to the IFC will expand Greek life and break down stereotypes for both communities.

Although there is SpectrUM, an organization open to the LGBT community and its allies, a gay male fraternity would add a camaraderie that members would not normally experience without participating in a fraternity.

A gay male fraternity would be another outlet for them to promote issues of diversity through outreach, awareness and social opportunities.

University of Miami accommodates the needs of other minority demographics, so it is only fair to accommodate the needs for gay, bisexual and progressive men.

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