“Death at a Funeral” worth your $10 ticket

Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainmen

With an all-star comedic cast, “Death at a Funeral” lives up to its hype and delivers laughs from beginning to end.

As family and friends gather to pay their last respects to a family patriarch, secrets are revealed and relationships are tested.

With a sperm-crazy wife and a grieving mother who desperately wants a grandchild, Aaron, played by Chris Rock, must try to keep order at what becomes one crazy and outrageous funeral. Sibling rivalry ensues with the arrival of the arrogant younger brother Ryan, played by Martin Lawrence.

On top of all the drama with his immediate family, Aaron must handle his loud and obnoxious family friend Norman, played by Tracy Morgan, who is preoccupied during the entire funeral with a strange rash on his hand. With his cousin’s boyfriend high on a hallucinogenic, and a relentless Reverend, Aaron must solve all the family’s problems while trying to deliver a heartfelt eulogy.

Despite the hilarious performances of Rock, Lawrence and Morgan, the real show stealer is grumpy “Uncle Russell,” played by Danny Glover, whose outrageous outbursts and crazy bathroom escapade are sure to have viewers laughing with tears.

When a strange little person named Frank reveals a deep secret, the family must come together to figure out how to cope. Naturally, this family’s coping strategies include murder, drug-use and sitting on top of the roof butt-naked.

Proving that it is still worth paying $10 for a movie, “Death at a Funeral” is sure to provide an outrageously good time.

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“Death at a funeral”

Released: April 16

Starring: Loretta Devine, Danny Glover, Martin Lawrence, James Marsden, Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Zoe Saldana, Columbus Short, Luke Wilson

Directed by: Neil LaBute