Blogophile: Internet Culture Edition

Didn’t get that last inside joke? Need a laugh after a session of solitary confinement in the stacks? If you live life outside of the MacBook, you may be missing out on some hilarious Internet culture that’s indisputably defining our generation. Put the textbook down, open your browser and give in to the pop culture blogs.

1. Stuff White People Like

Web site:

If you’re a fan of the reading material Urban Outfitters supplies, you’ve probably come across the book of the same title. Stuff White People Like, the creative, uncomfortably accurate and undeniably humorous blog, compiles a list of stereotypical tastes of middle-class white folks that pokes innocent fun at its readers. If you want a read worth writing about in your Moleskine, check out this popular blog. Give up trying to deny your affinity for Wes Anderson films or expensive sandwiches, and embrace your whiteness.

2. PostSecret

Web site:

Already an incredibly popular book series in the realm of cultural studies, PostSecret’s blog is updated weekly with new postcards mailed nameless to headquarters with people’s deepest, darkest secrets. If you didn’t already know, the cultural project involves anonymous postcards with relevant artwork and a scribbled secret for someone, anyone, to read. Every Sunday, you can log on to the site to read (and relate to) funny and often disturbing secrets submitted by fans all over the world.

3. Look At This F$@%ing Hipster

Web site:

Like pornography, you know a hipster when you see one. This riotous blog provides photos, video and dead-on commentary about uberhipsters roaming the Earth. You can look through it, or maybe even find yourself on there if you didn’t make your birthday party at The Vagabond photo album private, and laugh. For a while.

4. Dealbreaker

Web site:

It’s not me, it’s you. For those often told they’re “too picky” or “impossible to please,” this blog is rooting for you. Based on fan submissions and occasional staff picks, Dealbreaker hilariously highlights elaborate reasons why this simply won’t work out. Examples like “You Listen to Dashboard Confessional” and “You Drive A Hummer” will have you questioning your tastes and then laughing at yourself for questioning them. But then again, who can argue with “You Don’t Like Prince?”

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