Republicans must be the voice of the people


Two years later, this is still the most accurate word in describing the desire of American voters heading into election day. Yet, rather than an amorphous, indecipherable message long on words and short on details or conviction, the change voters now call for is clear and unmistakable.

To win in November, Republicans must confidently and honestly embrace this change wholeheartedly and act as the people’s representatives in delivering it to Washington.

President Obama and Democrats in Congress have succeeded in one major accomplishment during the past two years. After months of confusing, yet admittedly dazzling, speeches and proclamations, they have demonstrated to Americans what the Democrat brand of change looks like.

Their change involves massive increases in the national debt, widespread expansion of government power and authority and demonizing one American business industry after another (automobile, health insurance, banks, oil, soft drinks, tobacco, fast food, gambling, etc.).

With their agenda finally outlined clearly for all to see, the distinction between Republicans and Democrats is more clear than ever before.

The key for Republicans this November is to clearly and uncompromisingly present this difference to voters and let America choose. Elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts have demonstrated the will of the American people, and Republicans need to remember this.

Right now, Americans want their government to concentrate on restoring economic opportunity to its citizens and increasing their individual independence, not redistributing the wealth of private citizens and increasing the number of us who are financially beholden to the whims of elites in Washington.

They want government to tighten its spending and be fiscally responsible, at the same time as the rest of us are doing the same. Many Americans have not been taken seriously by the Democratic Party over the last two years. Opposition has been belittled and ignored.

Action and effectiveness have been replaced by months of soaring speeches that promise action, but are only precursors to more waiting and political bloviating.

For Republicans to win in November, they must make it clear to Americans that they stand for them; for their independence, their wallets and their desires. This alone provides a stark contrast to the other party.

Danny Hanlon is a senior majoring in political science. He can be reached at