Dear V: To groom or not to groom…

Dear V,

I have been seeing a guy for a couple months, and I am a complete, I mean complete virgin- nothing past kissing. We’ve been talking about taking it further, but one question I’ve got in my mind is how well groomed I am supposed to be downstairs. Hairless? What do boys expect?


To Groom or Not to Groom

Dear  Groomer,

This is really a personal matter and varies among all females.  While some girls like the aux natural deal, others flock to the waxing salons as though having one stray hair will kill them.  Just as females vary in their grooming, guys expectations are exactly the same.  Some guys don’t care, some guys like you to look like a prepubescent 12-year-old, and some actually like the bush.  With all these factors and opinions swirling around, the decision really comes down to personal preference.

Seeing as you’re still a virgin and less experienced in the sexual realm, you want to make sure you don’t rush into anything too quickly. If you and your partner decide to take things to the next step, you’ll want to be very comfortable in this new situation.  One the one hand, knowing that you’re smooth and clean may bring a feeling of confidence and sexiness for your first time in the bedroom.  On the other hand, running out to get a Brazilian might be a bit of a shock to you if no one but you has ever seen your downstairs.  Might want to wait a little while to take that leap, ‘cause let me tell you, OUCH!

I suggest you groom but don’t go completely overboard.  Shave your bikini line and trim the hair down very fine so it’s barely noticeable.

If this guy knows it’s your first time, I doubt he’ll be too judgemental, but knowing that you did a little personal care down might will make you feel more at ease.  Once you get in the swing of things, and figure out what your guy likes, you may change your mind about how to handle that hair.  Ultimately, though, it is your choice.  Don’t let someone rip strips of wax off your lady parts just because a boy likes things smooth.  If he can’t learn to like you the way you are, it’s not worth the pain.

Take it easy,


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