Staff Editorial: Why not have alcohol at the BUC?

Why not have alcohol available at the Bank United Center?

Due to a Coral Gables city ordinance, alcohol is not allowed to be served at the BankUnited Center. Yet students can purchase alcohol at Sun Life Stadium, which is at least a 30-minute drive from campus.

The BankUnited Center is nestled right on the edge of campus and easily within walking distance from all the dormitories. Potentially dangerous behavior, like drinking and driving, is much less likely at this venue.

The university is always trying to develop a more campus-oriented experience and is constantly promoting events. Serving alcohol would allow big name acts like Bruce Springsteen to come to this venue, which would enhance campus life and make it more enjoyable.

One of the main arguments for not serving alcohol at the BUC, rowdy crowds, would not be an issue. Generally speaking, concessions at sports venues are overpriced. College students will not look at this opportunity as a time to get wasted.

Furthermore, if students want to get trashed at these events, they do not need the BUC to assist them.

Our campus is lucky enough to have the BUC, voted one of the best mid-size venues in the country. It’s embarrassing to have this jewel and to have such low attendance at basketball games and other events. We should be promoting the BUC to make the sporting events and concerts there more attractive.

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