Volleyball team plays competitively

Courtesy of Colleen Dourney

Although this group of players does not have big name talent such as Lane Carico, Katie Gallagher or Lici McGee, there is another competitive volleyball squad on campus.

The University of Miami volleyball club just ended their competitive season after coming back from Nationals, held this year in Louisville, Ky. They currently have about 30 members, 15 on each the men and women’s teams.

Throughout the season, they competed against several teams around Miami. The club also exercises their frequent flier miles often, traveling to take on in-state foes such as FSU and UF and participating in tournaments across the country such as in Kentucky or Las Vegas.

The club prides itself in playing competitively; the men finished this year ninth nationally in their division and the women in past years have been placed as high as fifth.

Dan Marinberg, coach of the volleyball club for the past eight years, has really enjoyed working with this year’s team.

“This team is the wackiest, craziest, tolerant-of-everything and nicest, most good-natured group of people I know,” he said. “They understand the concept of working hard and working toward a common goal, and know how to do that while still having fun and socializing.”

The team practices three times a week for at least two hours each practice. There, they work on things such as conditioning, specific drills and scrimmages.

Although it is a lot of hard work, it’s something that club president Colleen Dourney couldn’t imagine herself without.

“I made it as a freshman and have been with it ever since,” she said.

Even through all of the hard work and dedication that the team puts into competing, this is a close-knit group outside of the courts as well.  Many of them met through the club as freshmen and are now living together.

“The trips that we are able to take together have made up some of my favorite memories from the past three years,” junior Kristin Gorney said.

Tryouts are held at the beginning of every semester, and anyone who happens to miss the tryouts can still attend a practice and still show their skills there. There is also a table at CaneFest for those who would like more information for the fall semester. Anyone interested is encouraged to give it a try.

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