Staff editorial: Slackers unwelcome

Along with the less then booming job marketing for graduating seniors another option for graduates might be disappearing.

Key West, a paradise that claims to have more bars per capita than anywhere in America, has received surplus money that has allowed it to hire four more policemen to their 89-person police force.

The purpose of this increase is to target the homeless that disrupt the enjoyment of residents and visitors. Consequently, the actions of these vagabonds will me monitored closely by Key West’s finest.

A blurry line is developing between what is simple enjoyment and what is violating the quality of life of others. Some “vagrants” are claiming they have been unfairly hassled for simple violations like drinking outside.

Romantic as the idea might be, bumming around Key West could have dangerous consequences. Students planning to park in the post office parking lot in Key West and live in their car until they figure out their next move might want to rethink their plan.

Enduring your pesky parents while you live in their basement will probably be a better option than risking arrest on the island.

However, if you just plan on going on a short trip this new trend should not affect your decision even if your vacation habits border on vagabond status. The New York Times says police are happy to ignore these drunken tourists while questioning homeless people.

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