Save the arboretum

The arboretum is a very special place to us students. Since day one at the University of Miami, I have been studying under the exquisite and beautiful branches of its trees.

As a biology major, the arboretum has contributed so much to my education. Visiting the garden to study its exotic plants, trying to trace their evolutionary histories, learning about their medicinal purposes and pondering the intricate systems that pump life through their trunks has been so much more valuable than simply reading out of a textbook could ever be.

We are a university and a world striving to be environmentally responsible. The decision to construct a road through this garden would be both unbelievably counterproductive and tragic.

So much work, effort and money has gone into creating this beautiful sanctuary. It would be incredibly wasteful and unwise to destroy it.

Claire Bailey is a sophomore majoring in marine science and biology. She may be contacted at