Dear V: Are those crazy questions real?

Dear V,

Recently I have been reading the posts in the The Hurricane. Well, most of my peers (me included) think that they are not true, that they are fake, things that are written to get more readers interested in the paper. May you please clear that up?

Obsess About Phoney Stories

Dear Obsess

I must say I have overheard many of the same feelings lately as I peruse the campus.  I see readers enjoying the column but often highly doubting its validity.  Even I have been slightly outraged recently by the subject matter of what students write in, but I can honestly say all of it is true.

Each week, I receive various emails from students on campus who have all kinds of questions and concerns about their relationships and sex lives (or lack thereof).  Sometimes my inbox is flooded, while some weeks I get as few as one question.  Lately, some of the questions have been a bit more interesting that I imagined I’d receive, but people still need advice.

If students are writing in as a joke, that is strictly on them, but I’m being completely honest when I say all columns have been real people’s questions.  Yes, some people need  stranger advice than others.

For example, one of this weeks questions was “Dear V, My girlfriend and I care for each other deeply. I want to please her, but her vaginal hole is too small for me and even too small to fit my finger. I do not want to hurt her and I do not know what I can do.


In a squeeze”

Yes, people on our campus have very personal problems, and they trust me to offer useful advice.  If you’re still doubting, I encourage you to have more fellow students write to me.



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