Arctic Monkeys show didn’t meet expectations

The Sheffield-accented Brits the Arctic Monkeys performed last Thursday, at The Filmore for Miami fans, but excluded many of their most popular songs from their set list. Playing mostly from their latest album, “Humbug,” the band put on a good show, but left many concert-goers grasping for their iPods for consolation.

Though the band is known for its high-energy shows and dreamy front man, Alex Turner, the event’s ambiance consisted of mosh pits, teenagers and drunk, unenthusiastic band members. If the band’s opening act, Sleepy Sun, didn’t get you wondering why you were there, the sweaty, aggressive crowd during songs like “Potion Approaching” and “Pretty Visitors” would help raise those questions.

Some of the more classic Arctic Monkeys songs they played, such as “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” and “505” were received with intense enthusiasm and “Fluorescent Adolescent” even generated the crowd singing along without the help of Turner, to his mild amusement.

The band kicked off their East Coast tour in Miami, where they had never played before. After the show, members Nick, Jamie and Matt greeted fans outside and signed autographs.

Overall, don’t feel bad about missing Arctic Monkeys. The experience was an incomplete one, but undoubtedly an anomaly for their reputation.