A Cane till the end

On Tuesday, a true Hurricane passed away.

Words cannot describe the pain I feel, but I believe that his story must be told. For a moment, we should remember Steven Guarin. I met Steven when I was 11 years old and he quickly became the most popular kid in our grade.

Throughout middle and high school, he was the class clown and the life of our class. His humor was infectious and his talent for music made him stand out even more.

About two years ago, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. Last June he was on the brink of death, but a treatment administered by our very own Miller School of Medicine helped vanquish his disease and brought new life into Steven, who was then 21.

After this miraculous recovery he became the Hurricanes’ number one fan. I watched as he transferred into UM, personally met with Shalala, attended every single football game he could and truly savored every minute he thought he would never see.

He was always so positive, so thankful for the life that was given back to him.

About a month ago, the cancer came back and he began his fight all over again. I’m heartbroken to say that he passed away this morning, exactly one week after his 22nd birthday.

Today, I want to remember someone who fought so hard, someone who truly left a mark not only in my life but in countless others. Someone who saw the positive in everything, even as his own life slipped away. Rest in peace, my friend.

Natalia Yepes is a senior majoring in public relations and international studies. She may be contacted at nyepes@themiamihurricane.com.