YouNiversity of Miami – Guitar Guys

It’s not uncommon to be walking near the intramural  fields or through the University Center and hear a little music. There are kids with boom-boxes, the radio station broadcasting solid music all day every day and Patio Jams every Thursday.

There are tons of types of music constantly playing around campus and its hard to find a silent place outdoors. The one music source that most merits discussion, however, is the “guitar guy.”

Guitar guys come in many shapes. There’s the constantly-stoned hippie, the raging angry emo and the Abercrombie-wearing “ladies-I-play-acoustic-guitar” guy, but the classic and by far the most superior, is the music lover.

They don’t play because of crazy levels of THC in their bloodstream or to pick up the freshmen girls who swoon when they hear an acoustic version of “Slide” by the Goo Goo Dolls. They play, simply, to play.

Not even five doors down from my dorm in Pearson, I have a good friend, Jonny. One day, when a group of buddies on my floor was relaxing and trying to think of things to do that night, Jonny left and returned with an acoustic guitar.

For a moment, I was concerned that my new bud was one of the bad breeds of guitar guy. I thought to myself that if he started to sing “could you whisper in my ear, the things you wanna feel…” I was going to make a break for the door. But to my (pleasant) surprise, he was a pure-blooded, Grade A musician!

They are a rarity these days, but good music is always welcome, and his music was original, stylish and amazing to listen to.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding guitar guys. Is it true that it’s pretty much an instant and sure-fire way to pick up chicks? Do all guitar guys basically sound the same? Do you need to brush your hair off to the side as you play and then stare off into the distance looking pensive?

It is by no means a guarantee that if you play guitar you will pick up the ladies. The general consensus from the girls I asked, however, is that it’s a huge turn on if you can play well.

Not all guitar guys sound the same. They vary a lot based on their roots and their influences. All in all, they tend to lean towards very mellow and relaxing music though.

So next time you pass a guy stretched out by the Hecht-Stanford bridge tuning up his guitar, sit down and listen. Who knows, maybe this particular guitar guy will strike a chord with you.

Evan Peskin is a sophomore majoring in pre-med psychology. He may be contacted at