Letter to the editor- laundry list of reasons why the marijuana article is wrong

I am writing to you because of the article in the recent Hurricane about how marijuana use is not normal. You did this paper a disservice by publishing that piece of drivel.

1) The Miami Hurricane is a newspaper of an institution of higher education, not a voice box for malicious government propaganda and baseless superstitions.

2) The article listed no sources and got many of the facts dead wrong as well as conveniently omitted several beneficial uses of marijuana.

3) Why is 20 percent not a substantial enough portion of the student population to render their behavior as “normal”? How would we react if Gabriela had pointed out how abnormal being gay is? I guarantee that this article would not have been published if the subject were race, political views, gender or sexual orientation instead of an illegal drug. Drug users are one of the few groups we are still allowed to publicly slander.

4) Why in the hell are we supposed to care whether or not Gabriela thinks something is normal?

5) If we have to put up with intellectual effluent from the newspaper, can we at least get it in a more entertaining fashion? Her writing is about as exciting as an infomercial.

I would highly recommend you fire her and hire me in her stead.

Chris Smith is a senior majoring in Math and Computer Science.  He may be reached at csmith@themiamihurricane.com.