Q&A: Actress Alice Eve talks about her new film

 To her own admission, actress Alice Eve has been talking about “manscaping” a lot lately. That’s because it’s one of the many hilarious and inappropriate topics explored in her new film, “She’s Out of My League.”


She's in our league! Actress Alice Eve shows her support for the 'U' while talking with The Miami Hurricane about her new romantic comedy, "She's Out of My League. The film hits theaters this weekend. // Nick Maslow

The comedy puts society’s relationship compatibility norms to the test. Indeed, leading man Kirk, played by Jay Baruchel (“Tropic Thunder” and “Knocked Up”) goes after a woman, played by Eve, whom he only expects to have in his dreams. And yet despite being a skinny TSA agent with premature ejaculation issues, Kirk doesn’t give up in his pursuit for love.

The Miami Hurricane recently spoke with Eve about the film during a press stop in Miami.

The Miami Hurricane: One of the scenes in the film explores a controversial subject: Manscaping. On the one to 10 scale, is manscaping a positive?
Alice Eve: I think if it’s done subtly and well. I don’t think you need to wax it all off… I wouldn’t ask anyone to do it, though.
TMH: Oh, really?
AE: No. It’s not a necessity. But if the man wants to do it… I mean, this is the crazy thing: I have no idea what my opinion is. I’ve had to develop an opinion on manscaping. (Laughs).

TMH: How has it felt to sit in the audience and to see how people people react to the film?
AE: That’s actually the greatest pleasure of doing a comedy. You get to really see the reactions of people. In a drama, it’s a lot calmer and you can’t gauge it. But in a comedy, if it works, people laugh. And that’s great to see.

TMH: My favorite scene in the film is the awkward hookup when your parents walk in. I don’t want to give too much away, but I just found out those are your real parents.
AE: Yes, they are!

TMH: How did that happen?
AE: The studio and the director had spoken and said, ‘Would you like your parents to play your parents?’ And I said that would be amazing. They’re actors. It was an honor to be able to work with them. To watch it back is amazing. To see them on screen with me is a crazy thing.

TMH: I heard that you’re in Sex and the City II. How much are you allowed to talk about it?
AE: I’m allowed to talk about how excited I am about it. I’ve watched those shows since I was a teenager. I play Charlotte’s Irish nanny.

“Sex and the City” is scheduled for release in May. For now, Eve can be seen on silver screens across the nation this weekend in “She’s Out of My League.”