Staff Editorial: The spring break myth

We are the MTV generation. Though most parents would rather their children choose Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” over MTV’s “Spring Break,” back in the day that idealized portrayal of a week-long hiatus from school was the wildest time you could watch from your couch.

Spring break was a star-studded event on MTV. In 1998, Boys II Men gave a live performance, and the next year featured Busta Rhymes and 98 Degrees.

Here at UM, we live so close to South Beach that potentially any week could be an MTV- like break full of half-naked beach bodies and celebrities.

The reality of a true college spring break, however, comes nowhere close to the fantasy MTV sells so many kids each year. Spring break plans revolve around school. Any shenanigans must be scheduled around those five projects you still have to finish up from midterms. Undoubtedly, many of us will have to leave the partying to the snow birds and spend our one free week this semester catching up on required reading.

Another popular option for many is a quiet spring break with family. Though hanging with your little brother might not seem as cool as the MTV experience, nothing beats family time. There’s no better way to save money than filling up on mom’s meatloaf instead of $12 drinks.

So next week when you’re not surrounded by the wet T-shirt contests and beer bongs you always imagined would fill your spring break, don’t fret. The insane college experience you hoped for is not as typical as you might think. Taking a few days just to relax and catch up on all that sleep you missed during midterms could be just the break you needed.

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