Rewarding research

Ten undergraduate students from the University of Miami have been selected to participate in the fifth annual Undergraduate Research Atlantic Coast Conference’s “Meeting of the Minds” April 16 and 17.

The conference, which will be held at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is an opportunity for students to showcase research they are conducting at their respective universities. The student research can come from a variety of fields, ranging from laboratory experiments, field research and art research to musical performance.

Juniors Sara Michalski, Enrique Garcia, Hilary Jacks, Lung Lau, Teresa Micotto and Natalie York, and seniors Johayra Bouza, Megan Stachura, Daniel Thompson and Carlos Antonorsi have been selected to represent UM at the conference.

The University of Miami’s student representatives were chosen based on a university-wide competition. The goal is to have each school represented at this prestigious conference.

“The conference is a wonderful avenue for students from a variety of backgrounds to have dialogues with other students and professors about their area of focus,” Michalski said.

Michalski’s research mentor is Barbara Kahn, dean of the School of Business Administration. She describes Michalski as “very bright, very hard working, very creative and incredibly reliable.” Michalski worked with Kahn on marketing research for a year and a half.

“Our research explores the effect of product image location on the perceived fillingness of a food product in attempt to cue portion size for restrained eaters,” he said.

Antonorsi conducted research with Oscar Mitnik, an assistant professor of economics.

“Carlos’ dedication is, and has been, admirable,” Mitnik said.

Antonorsi describes his project as “using econometric methods to estimate the effect of [‘pork-barrel’ government spending] on the re-election rates of these congressmen.”

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