Sick of well-worn humor

Comedy in its finest forms is priceless, but unless the recipient is completely void of thought, who loves repeated, hand-me-down humor? When is the last time you’ve told a Robin Williams’ joke and gotten credit for it, resulting in thunderous, genuine laughter?

Before qualifying my argument, I admit I love laughing and I occasionally love hilarious T-shirts with clever text and graphics, as I own a few.

But sometimes, people wear these T-shirts so frequently that it becomes expected of them and in turn, rendered predictable and anything but witty.

I, too, give the nod to some of these “hilarious” designs, but I do not wear them everyday because I know that people are perceptive enough to draw the conclusion that I did not create the ideas printed on the clothing.

Instead, I simply found them enjoyable and decided to show my approval by purchasing and wearing them every once in a while.

If you wear humorous apparel every day, you come across as being unoriginal and trying too hard.

I am not one to dictate which fashion trends are acceptable and I am not telling you what to do, but as with all things, I would recommend moderation. If you wear those T-shirts sparingly, you will consequently get more responsive feedback.

Does anyone really think you are funny for wearing the thoughts of others that you have stumbled across from clothing retailers if you overdo it?

Similarly, do not copy and paste texts from last night on your friend’s walls in a rapid-fire manner; one or two will suffice to elicit a smile.

Not only will your friends find themselves bored if that’s all you’ve found yourself doing lately, but also your other acquaintances will see how much of an unoriginal, humorless tool you are on their feeds.

Have your creative juices dried up so much you are incapable of creating your own brand of humor and can only relay the brightest thoughts of others?

“Oh I know that guy! He’s hilarious, he found that FML quote and wore those sweatpants with text tattooed on his ass” is not something I could foresee anyone saying. LOL.

Evan Seaman is a junior majoring in marketing. He may be contacted at His blog is posted on