Dear V: He likes it wet and wild…

Dear V,

My friends and I don’t talk much about our sex lives, so I need you to clear something up for me. My boyfriend sees no problem in having sex with me while I’m on my period (one time he even tried to remove my tampon)!  I, on the other hand, think it’s gross. Moreover, when I’m feeling all bloated and sluggish, sex is the LAST thing I want to be doing.

Then again, I feel like an entire period is a long time to go without sex when you’re young and in a relationship. Do women normally abstain from sex when it’s their time of the month? How should I handle it?


Dear Flo,

Oh the joys of womanhood, don’t you just love it when mother nature comes to visit?  It’s always at the worst time. Personally I’d have to agree with you on the whole “gross factor” but you’ve got to give your boyfriend some credit for being so dedicated to… well, getting the job done.

A lot of girls actually have a higher libido around and during their period, so on the one hand some might consider you lucky to have a man like this. Sex during your period can also help ease cramps and many of the physical symptoms associated with menstruation if you climax, because the muscle contractions help relieve pain in the abdomen.

Depending on how long your period lasts, yes it can feel like a long time to go without sex, especially when you’re in a relationship where sex is occurring frequently.  It can be a bit messy (as I’m sure you’ve found out by now) but the added lubrication can also make the sex better.  You’ll probably need to put down a towel and take some precautionary measures to prevent a mess, but the end result could be quite fantastic.

It can be difficult when you just feel like sleeping all day and all he wants to do is get it on, but I would personally take advantage of his interest. It has a lot of potential and many girls are probably jealous of the fact that you can have fun all month long.

Best of luck,


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